RBC Life Sciences Inc. develops, manufactures and markets high-quality nutritional supplements and personal care products. Under its MPM Medical brand, the company also develops and markets to health care professionals in the United States proprietary prescription and nonprescription products for advanced would care and pain management.

The company announced today that it has implemented several company-wide initiatives aimed at helping to grow its North American independent sales base. The new initiatives include launching an industry-first compensation plan, giving independent associates a new back office platform and changing the name of the company’s network marketing arm to RBC Life.

RBC Life Sciences is also rebranding all of its websites, logos and product labeling. The rebranding would also include the company’s recently released product – NeuroBright. NeuroBright is a synergistic formulation of antioxidants that improved test subjects’ learning and memory by nearly 50 percent during a recent animal study.

President and CEO of RBC Life Sciences, John W. Price, spoke about the company’s newest initiatives. He said, “These strategic initiatives and reorganizations better position RBC Life Sciences to capture market share. The compensation plan will reward our independent associates generously while the new back office platform will help them monitor, motivate and grow their organizations throughout Canada and the United States.”