Britain's Royal Bank of Scotland will continue to be a major player in the UK bank sector without government interference, Prime Minister David Cameron's spokesman said on Wednesday.

Britain owns 82 percent of RBS after rescuing it from collapse during the 2008 financial crisis. Business minister Vince Cable has suggested the government should split the bank to create an operation that focuses on lending to small and medium-sized businesses.

Cameron's spokesman said the government was sticking to its policy on RBS.

The current plan envisages significant restructuring of RBS and quite a lot of that has already happened, he told reporters.

In future RBS will continue to be a major UK bank but the majority of its business will be in the UK and it will be in personal and business banking.

This is a bank that will be operated on a commercial basis at arms' length from government. We think that's the best way of ensuring that we get the taxpayers' money back.

Britain used about 45 billion pounds of taxpayers money to rescue RBS.

(Reporting by Matt Falloon, Editing by Fiona Shaikh+)