Located in Ashburn, Virginia, Reach Messaging is a company that helps other companies expand their brands through customized mobile Apps and Bolts used on mobile and instant messaging (IM) platforms. Today, Reach Messaging took a major step towards prominence with the announcement they have entered into a licensing agreement with Wizard Media (NYSE: WZE).

In this agreement, Wizard agrees to a $150,000 equity investment in Reach Messaging. In exchange, Wizard will be able to use the young company’s Interactive Ad Solution to advertise on its mobile phone applications.

The agreement is expected to garner national exposure for Reach Messaging because Wizard Media is the world’s leading podcast network. Currently, Wizard Media owns 1,100 mobile apps, and this number is expected to grow significantly in the next year.

Leading the way at Reach Messaging is Shane Gau. When asked what this agreement will mean to the future of Reach, Gau was quoted as saying, “Our partnership with Wizzard Media provides us with the perfect opportunity to legitimize the strength and uniqueness of our interactive ad solution over existing technologies. Due to their huge inventory of Apps, we believe that we will exponentially increase our exposure and network of ad publishers that could positively impact our company’s growth. This is an ideal situation for our technology to showcase its ability to allow users to share ads via Facebook, Twitter and email which can lead to ads going viral and potentially reaching millions of users.”

To learn more about Reach Messaging, visit its corporate website at: www.reachmessaging.com.