Reach Messaging Holdings Inc., – the social media solutions provider with extensive expertise in feature-rich content development (Facebook games, mobile phone apps, AOL IM chat bots, etc.), recently went public and is now trading on the OTCBB as an SEC-compliant and fully reporting entity, effective today.

The Company is a leader in bot (user-configurable auto-assistant application which performs tasks such as spidering for data aggregation) development for IM platforms, and has been developing AIM bots since 2007, the top four of which are:

• GossipinGabby – celebrity news
• SportsFanStan – sports scores/news
• My TV Bud
• ProfGilzot

CEO of SCMH, Shane Gau, former director of AIM’s Network Services, spent 12 years at AOL and noted the invaluable experience he gained developing and deploying SCMH products on AIM infrastructure.

Gau emphasized that the fluid ability of RCMH to transition into the $25B by 2014 (Juniper Research) mobile applications market, which has become the core focus of the Company, was largely based on this fortuitous association with AIM technology.

Gau disclosed an imminent volley of product launches across the gamut of verticals to take place within the next few of weeks to coincide with the announcement of several “critical strategic partnerships”.

With massive technical proficiencies in developing engaging, feature-rich environments that can touch users on any platform from the iPhone and Android or Blackberries to Facebook and Digital Signage, RCMH stands poised to generate impressive ROI for shareholders as this market continues to see strong demand/growth.