I'd love to hear readers opinions on what they see from from friends, neighbors, and work associates in terms of this question: why is there so much apathy over the largest transfer of wealth from the public to a small cabal of society, our financial elite?

I read a ton of stories each and every day across the internet. I try to gauge what the common man is feeling by reading the comments sections - I see a lot of anger there. On liberal sites, on conservative sites, on whatever sites. But is this just a small sliver of society - the few who are reading & engaged? Maybe they do not represent the rest of society?

In Europe they shut down all public forms of transportation with strikes, and take to the streets in large protests for relatively minor things. In America, we've just seen the largest outright theft (in broad daylight) of national wealth and other than some screaming on a few select blogs and a cute Youtube video here or there [Sep 17: YouTube - Debtors Revolt Begins Now] it seems to not be an issue. I have people from other countries emailing me asking this same question - they are appalled. (and yes some of them are not even from socialist countries)

What is going on here? Why the lack of reaction?

Is it apathy?

It is lack of understanding of this generational theft?

Are we too lazy?

Is it a feeling of I'm mad, but I have no idea what to do to change things?

Are people too busy with their lives and trying to just get by day to day?

Is is the lack of 1 very easy target to focus on?

Am I making too much of this all? Is this just the American way and I need to understand its part of our culture?

Feel free to chime in, in the comments section of this post - I'd like to hear from the readers and see what is going on in your own world. Maybe I am in some parallel universe because I, for one, am utterly exasperated. The S&P 500 could go to 15,000 and it would not change my opinion of what has happened and continues to happen. It's irrelevant - a side show - to the basic premise of what the country was (is?) based on.