When it comes to finding luxury homes and real estate in Western

Canada, there aren't too many neighborhoods that attract wealthy owners

with the same regularity as Oak Bay. Located in Victoria, Oak Bay

consists of some of the most affluent neighborhoods to be found on the

Pacific Coast, including the exclusive and touted homes of the Uplands.

Oak Bay is comprised of several neighborhoods. The

aforementioned Uplands is one, and Willows Beach, North Oak Bay, South

Oak Bay and Windsor Park round out the area.

The big draw for beautiful homes in Oak Bay is, of course, the

oceanfront property winding along scenic Beach Drive. The Drive

features many stately heritage mansions and estates and well as some

newer luxury homes, built to take advantage of this fabulous and

upscale location. Oak Bay is filled with houses with appraised values

in the multiple millions, many of which have sweeping views of the

Strait of Juan de Fuca, Haro Strait, and the Olympic Mountain Range.

All of that ocean means that residents of this affluent

community have easy access to several beaches, including Willows Beach

and Gonzales Beach. As you might have guessed, recreational

opportunities abound in the Oak Bay area; there are several golf

courses including the modest nine hole par 3 Henderson Golf Course and

the much more impressive Victoria Golf Club . Founded in 1893, the

Victoria Golf Club of Oak Bay is the second oldest golf course in

western North America. It consists of 6000 yard links, and runs along

the beautiful Pacific coastline. The Royal Victoria Yacht Club and the

Oak Bay Marina are located in the neighborhood as well.

Aside from the proximity of the Pacific Ocean, Oak Bay's main

appeal is in its commitment to a British influenced lifestyle. Many of

the homes in the neighborhood are built along the architectural lines

of the Tudor and Arts and Crafts traditions. The centre of the

community is Oak Bay Village, the most urban style part of the

neighborhood. Here, residents will find exclusively Oak Bay

opportunities such as English modelled tea rooms, pubs, and antique

shops. The centre is also the location of the Oak Bay police

department, one of the only neighborhood police outfits in Canada. To

round-out its excellent amenities, Oak Bay also houses some of

Victoria's most prestigious private schools including Glenlyn-Norfolk

School and the Junior School of Saint Michael's University School.

There are several luxury real estate opportunities for those

wishing to make their homes in Oak Bay. The main style of the

neighborhood is the single stand alone family dwelling, which

invariably includes expansive and well maintained yards and gardens.

There are also a number of upscale retirement condominiums, apartment

and town homes close to The Village.

Multiple options for luxury living, a uniquely English

flavour, and of course an abundance of luxury oceanfront property make

Oak Bay an ideal choice for many buyers in the British Columbia luxury

home market.