“A goal without a plan is nothing more than a wish.”


There are numerous traders who’ve already attained financial freedom; it’s only that their percentage is small if compared to those who’re still struggling to attain that level. If we really want to be financially free, we can eventually reach that goal. It’s not an easy task but whatever we concentrate on intensely determines our reality. I entered the world of trading with this goal in mind and with a wrong mindset. I had significant drawdowns more than twice (though I’ve never experienced a margin call in my life for I embraced low risk right from the beginning). I later read about the secrets of serious and successful traders – which gave me much comfort. Some of them had been trading before I was born. After that I worked hard to rebuild my trading career. The suggestions given to help me get back on my feet, even though they were difficult to put into practice, turned out to be effective.

It’s very painful to observe those who are seriously suffering financially under heaven. Some graduates still live in penury even many years after graduation. Poor illiterates and semi-illiterates think they’re hopeless because of lack of or inadequate education, whereas there are people of very little education who are very successful. We’re living in a world of unequal opportunities.

Just imagine some kinds of ignominious humiliation some job seekers and employees are constantly subjected to. Job seekers are often treated as beggars. Young women and men try desperately to get jobs, but in most cases no jobs are forthcoming. When it comes to jobs, demand is far greater than supply. Businesses are collapsing or downsizing due to the present economic problems, yet millions of graduates are being turned out every year. Most of them have no plans about what they can do with life except to ‘beg to apply.’ The use of money or beauty or an influential person to get a job isn’t always effective. When I see the way graduates are being treated nowadays, I sometimes even wonder if the college degrees are now worth more than the pieces of paper on which they’re printed.

I know what some factory workers are going thru. They’re working for slave-drivers who make them work extremely hard, but the pay they receive can’t sustain them at all. I know a factory which is as hot as hell. This risk of being mutilated by factory machines is extremely high. The chemicals stench is asphyxiating and unbearable. No measures are taken to safeguard the workers’ health. If anyone gets seriously injured, they’re discharged only with first aid, and no benefits. Despite these, whenever a worker makes a mistake, one supervisor goes to him, places his hand on his throat and says, ‘Your head cut!” This means you’re gone: you’ve lost your job. Many university graduates are lining up at their gate, looking for an entry but there’s no entry. They’re hungry, they’re desperate to survive. If one’s lucky enough to get a job there, what would be the ultimate end is mutilation or ‘Your head cut.” You may be thinking, ‘What’s the government of the land doing about this?’ The fact is that any corrupt government that don’t take fundamental human rights seriously can do very little to ameliorate the sufferings of their citizens.

There’s one factory boss who doesn’t say any English word except, ‘Sa-sa-sa-sa-SACK!’ Workers there are beavering away and working laboriously like machines. Nevertheless their wages are nothing to write home about. The noise is so much that you need to put your mouth into the ear of a fellow worker sitting close to you and shout with all your strength, otherwise the person can’t hear you. They aren’t given anything to cover their ears. Someone coming out of that factory will feel like coming out of hell. The boss always walks around during working hours and if he sees any worker who’s resting at work, he points his finger at that person and says, ‘Sa-sa-sa-sa-SACK!” For a person who loses their job, there are thousands of job seekers who’re ready to walk in.

Why would one go to a college only for the purpose of looking for jobs after graduation, when one’s father hasn’t established a business or a company? Who’s going to employ Mustapha Azeez at this time? For me, it’s poor mentality that makes one think only of ‘begging to apply’’ when there are many things you can learn and do with your life and hands. For those who are looking up to their government to feed them, Napoleon Hill says it’s only a hopeless soul who’ll be thinking of being fed from the public treasury.

What about those who’re gainfully employed? Some are really lucky, but all isn’t gold that glitters. Someone in a chauffeur-driven car may be battling with a life-threatening stress. I know a gentleman who has a very good qualification to work for a bank. After being jobless for many years, he was able to get a good job at a top bank with many prayers and struggles. His promotion was rapid. He got to the top of a branch he was working for. He went to work everyday including Saturdays and Sundays. He sometimes would be at work till as late as 2.00 AM or he could have moved to several places in a day in behalf of the bank he was working for. He was well paid but he got no time for something else. People envied him but some things were missing in his life. He later confided in a mentor, “My wife also is a banker. She goes out too early and comes back too late. Our children don’t see us – they’re suffering despite the fact that we’ve hired some to look after them. We aren’t worth to be called parents. I don’t have any time for my life and personal issues. To make matters worse, the fortune of the branch is dwindling and I’m being queried often and often. I’m going to resign honorably.”

Financial freedom is about doing what you like at the time you like, and still being able to meet your basic needs while having enough money to save. You don’t make yourself a slave to anybody or make wrong choices because of poverty. For certain people, including me, it’s a must to attain financial freedom thru trading. I know those who’re trading only for 30 minutes per week and are making their profits. I’m still going to announce a strategy that can achieve this. For some people, they have many alternatives and choices. If trading doesn’t work for them, they quit and find other things to do. I don’t have many alternatives and choices. I know where I was, and where I’m going. My ultimate goal is to be financially free, and I’m on the way. You are the master of your fate. You don’t need to limit yourself to despondency. Life itself offers no limitations. What are your goals in life? Would you subject your life to those who hire and fire at will? Are you toiling for those who’ll use you and dump you? The choice is yours.

I’ll conclude with the quote below:

“…Financial freedom is having your passive income equal to what you need to live on. If you start thinking in those terms you can become financially free. If you prepare yourself for 2 or 3 years as a trader you could probably break the barrier. If it’s 2 or 3 hours a day spent on managing your portfolio and if that’s enough to keep your income equal to your expenses, you reached financial freedom. My final advice: Try that.” — Dr. Van K. Tharp

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