Ramona Singer, the outspoken blonde entrepreneur featured on Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of New York,” put her frankness to use when she reportedly helped aid in the arrest of a NYC nanny who robbed her friend.

According to the New York Post, the friend in question is Lucia Hwong Gordon, an American composer and instrumentalist, who returned from vacation last month to find that several pieces of her jewelry and other prized possessions were missing. Among Gordon’s missing possessions were “family heirloom silver,” her children’s baptismal jewelry and a diamond-and-ruby necklace.

When Gordon asked her nanny Raquel Santos if she had seen any of the expensive items, Santos allegedly broke down in tears and then forked over receipts from a pawn shop she had sold the pieces to. But according to a complaint that has since been filed with the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, Gordon failed to report the crime even after Santos accompanied her to two different pawn shops where her jewelry was displayed. That’s when Singer allegedly stepped in, convincing Gordon of the need to report the theft.

“Lucia was distraught,” a source told the New York Post. “She didn’t want to file any charges. It was traumatic.”

Although Gordon was wary of filing charges against Santos, Singer reportedly cautioned her that if she didn’t report the crime she might enable the nanny to harm other families.

“Ramona said she needed to speak up before the woman victimized another family,” the source said, adding that Singer told Gordon, “‘I’m doing a Ramona on you! You’re going to report this woman.”

Gordon declined to comment on the story, but a friend told the news publication that, “Ramona gave her the strength to deal with this.”

“I’m thrilled justice was served,” Singer said. “My friend showed strength and perseverance. It was important that this was investigated. If it had not been investigated, she might have just gone to work for another family and done the same thing.”

An attorney representing Santos said, “The DA and I are endeavoring to resolve this matter. We expect the victim will not have lost any of her property.”

According to a recent report by E! Online, Singer will be returning for a sixth season of “Real Housewives,” although two of her cast mates, LuAnn de Lessepps and Aviva Drescher are reportedly still haggling with producers for more money.

"It is still possible for the other two to return in some way but producers are looking for possible new cast members," a source told the publication, adding that it was too early to know whether they would be involved or not.