It appears there's been a major casting shake-up on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." Claudia Jordan's drama filled first season may have cost her a full-time spot on the series.

Sources tell Us Weekly Jordan will not be returning to Season 8.  The show is slated to begin filming in July. Bravo and their parent company, NBC Universal, have yet to decide if Jordan will be allowed to return to "RHOA" from time to time as a "friend" of the other "Housewives."  TMZ reports that the radio personality was blindsided by her firing, which is believed to have taken place a few days ago.

Jordan was introduced to the show in Season 7. The 42-year-old made waves when she butted heads with veteran housewife NeNe Leakes on several occasions, refusing to back down from the "Cinderella" star's verbal attacks. The pair spent a majority of the season calling one another names and shouting across tables. While the other ladies were able to resolve their differences during a cast trip to Manila, the capital of the Philippines, NeNe and Claudia's beef has yet to be squashed.

Not long after Season 7 wrapped it was rumored NeNe would be leaving the show. The 47-year-old battled it out with many of the women on the cast, including former best friend Cynthia Bailey. She attempted to get everyone back in a good place by signing the cast up for group therapy, but found herself being ganged up on.

Neither Bravo nor Jordan have confirmed nor denied that she will be leaving the show. It remains unclear who else will be returning to "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" in its upcoming season