A new season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” is coming to a TV near you and it’s going to be epic. Bravo released the first trailer for Season 9, teasing shade-throwing and no shortage of drama.

The clip opens on a high, showing Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore cruising together in a red sports car. The opening suggests that the pair will leave their contentious past behind them to form a friendship. They’re not the only members of the cast starting anew. Cynthia Bailey is newly single and she’s ready to restart her life — after making a few tweaks to her appearance. During the clip she’s shown visiting a doctor for a breast implant consultation. It also appears she and the gang will look into vaginal rejuvenation during Season 9. While it appears, at first, that everything will be on the up and up, “RHOA” fans should also expect feuding among the cast, breakups and a lot of shade being thrown.

Here are seven must-see moments from the Season 9 trailer:

Cynthia Bailey Will Be Open About Her Divorce:

During Season 8 fans learned that there was trouble in paradise between Cynthia and Peter Thomas. The restauranter was accused of having cheated while out of town, where he was spending much of his time. Cynthia and Peter attempted to work through their struggles and while it appeared to be working at the time, they’ve officially decided to call it quits. Cynthia is shown sitting down with a lawyer, declaring once and for all, “I want a divorce.”

Chateau Sheree Is Finally Finished — But The Drama Surrounding The House Isn’t Over:

During Season 8 Sheree Whitfield returned to the cast full time. She was in the middle of building a house at the time which happened to be in the same neighborhood as Kenya Moore’s new-construction. The pair feuded over rumors about money and finishing their homes, but were able to move past it for the betterment of the group. Both have since finished building their respective houses, but the rumors are still swirling about ownership. In the Season 9 trailer Kenya and Sheree faceoff once more about mansions and money, with Kenya telling the “RHOA” returnee that she heard her mother’s name is on her mortgage.

“My name is on my home,” Kenya tells Sheree. “Your mother’s name is on Chateau Thelma.”

Kandi Burruss Will Attempt To Reconnect Her Daughter With Her Biological Father:

In the clip Kandi and Mama Joyce discuss daughter Riley Burruss’ biological father. Mama Joyce insists that he’s never paid child support and therefore has no right to come into her life this late in the game. Kandi moves forward with it anyway, but is later seen blowing up on him during a phone conversation.

Kenya And Matt Jordan Are Still Together — For Now:

During Season 8 Matt Jordan twirled into Kenya’s heart, where he stayed for quite some time. The pair were discussing the idea of having children together, but it seems that isn’t in the cards anymore. Although Matt makes an appearance in the trailer, things aren’t looking good for he and Kenya. In once scene they’re shown fighting about events that occurred the night before, in another Kenya claims he kicked in her hotel room door. He is then shown kicking his foot through the glass on her garage door.

Bob Whitfield And Sheree May Be Heading Down The Aisle Once More:

The pair toyed with the idea in Season 8, but with mounting pressure from the outside world it is becoming more and more possible that Sheree and Bob will rekindle their romance.

Phaedra’s Life Will Be Put In Danger:

A disgruntled client shows up at Phaedra’s practice armed and ready to cause chaos. The man, according to Kandi’s story, was previously represented by Phaedra and arrived at her office with a hand grenade. She was not injured during the attempted attack.

Kandi’s Sexuality Is Called Into Question:

During one particular portion of the “RHOA” trailer, the cast questions whether Kandi — who is happily married to Todd Tucker — is a lesbian. She appears shocked by the allegations, but that’s hardly the most jaw-dropping accusation made about her sex life during the video. Later Porsha Williams claims she and another friend were invited back to Kandi and Todd’s home for group sex. She also alleges that Kandi, who owns a line of sex toys, has a sex dungeon.

The drama kicks off Sunday, Nov. 6, at 8 p.m. EDT on Bravo.