Cynthia Bailey opened up about her troubled marriage to Peter Thomas during the Season 8 premiere of Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." The couple has always had their differences, but it seems that a shocking video and an increased number of days apart may be taking a serious toll on Cynthia and Peter. During episode 1 the former model opened up to her sister, Malorie Bailey-Massie, about her current situation.

As reported by People magazine, Cynthia and her sister sat down to discuss the status of her marriage during Sunday's show. The Bailey Agency founder revealed to her sister that, while she's "still in love" with Peter, they are going through a tough time. Cynthia tells Malorie that they "have a lot of real issues" to work out, adding that she does not necessarily find him sexually attractive. During their talk, Malorie asks a lot of questions, notably whether Cynthia is attracted to Peter?" Cynthia initially says yes but waivers when asked whether she feels that way about him with no clothes on. Although she admits to not finding him attractive naked, she claims it is more important to appreciate someone's intelligence than their outward appearance. 

"Physical attraction is important, but I am more attracted to Peter's mind," she said. "Peter and I we have a lot of real issues that we are dealing with. We have no real communication. We have distance issues now that he is spending more time in Charlotte. The video is just another thing to put on the list."

The video in question was released in June, according to TMZ. It was taken by an onlooker and shows Peter getting close to an unidentified woman. In the video he can be seen whispering in the woman's ear while putting his hands on both her neck and chest. Peter has claimed the video was nothing, saying he and the woman shown were simply conversing, but the "RHOA" cast seems to disagree. 

Peter's potential infidelity won't be the only drama for Cynthia  during Season 8 of "RHOA." As International Business Times previously reported, she and co-star Porsha Williams, who has also found a new love interest this season, will get into a physical altercation during what should be a fun outing. The "RHOA" cast was said to be spending time together on a luxury yacht when Cynthia and Porsha, 34, got into a disagreement. Cynthia reportedly attempted to end the argument by walking away several times, but Porsha refused to let up. As a last resort, Cynthia kicked her co-star in the stomach. 

"RHOA" airs Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo.