Season 6 of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” is gearing up for its final episodes, and, as usual, there has been no shortage of drama. While this season is just about over, fans still have a lot of questions about some of the things that went down.

While “RHOBH” is one of the most notoriously explosive components of the “Real Housewives” franchise, Season 6 was especially tumultuous. Even in the earliest episodes, several ladies in the group had it out with one another. During episode 4, things really began to heat up as members of the group, namely Lisa Rinna, began hurling accusations about Yolanda Foster’s diagnosis. She told Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump that she had heard a rumor it may be Munchausen syndrome, rather than Lyme disease, that is plaguing the former model. These accusations resurfaced several times throughout the season, creating tension among the ladies. Discussion of Kim Richards, who left the show after Season 5, as well as the introduction of new “Housewives” to the cast also led to quite a stir.

The Daily Dish by Bravo revealed the seating arrangements for the Season 6 reunion, which is still a few weeks away from airing. According to a photograph posted on the site, host Andy Cohen will be seated at the center, as customary, with the women surrounding him on two small couches. Seated on the couch to his right will be Lisa V., Kyle, Yolanda and Erika Girardi. Seated on the couch to his left will be Lisa R., Eileen Davidson and Kathryn Edwards.

Here are nine questions we’d like to see answered during the Season 6 reunion special:

1. Why did Lisa R. repeat the Munchausen’s rumor? From the moment the former soap opera star mentioned the rumor, she claimed she wanted no part in bashing either Yolanda or her disease. Still, she repeatedly brought up the speculation that suggested her co-star was feigning the illness.

2. Were Kyle and Lisa V. talking about Yolanda’s children during a lavish barbeque? During episode 10, Erika revealed to Yolanda that she had heard some chatter about her children during a gathering at Kyle’s house. She claimed Kyle and Lisa V. were whispering about Yolanda’s kids and whether they truly were suffering from Lyme disease. This hurt Yolanda on a deeply personal level as her children and Lisa V. have always been close, but were they actually gossiping?

3. Why did Yolanda CC the entire group on her email to Kyle? As Kyle pointed out in episode 11, Yolanda has always been an advocate of facing your problems head-on — and one-on-one. However, she completely violated her own moral code by shading Kyle via email and inviting the entire group to read along.

4. What were Kathryn’s intentions when befriending Erika? Going into the situation, it really appeared as if Kathryn wanted to get to know her “RHOBH” fellow newcomer Erika. As their relationship progressed (within the span of just one episode), lines got blurrier and blurrier. First Kathryn threw Erika under the bus, sharing the details of their private conversation in episode 14, then she made some questionable comments during Erika’s dinner party.

5. Was Kathryn wrong to share Erika’s web-spinning comment with the group? As Kathryn pointed out during Yolanda and David Foster’s dinner party, Erika never told her that the conversation they were having was private. Still, there’s a part of me that’s struggling to support her decision to relay Erika’s comments about Lisa V. to the rest of the “RHOBH” crew.

6. Why was Lisa R.’s response to Erika calling Lisa V. manipulative so over-the-top? Lisa R., the resident pot stirrer on “RHOBH,” admits in episode 15 that she finds Lisa V. to be a bit controlling, so why go out of her way to make Erika’s observation seem ludicrous?

7. Why was Lisa R. so bothered that Yolanda skipped Erika’s dinner? During an event at former “RHOBH” star Camille Grammer’s house during episode 16, Lisa R. goes out of her way to discuss Yolanda’s absence at Erika’s dinner. She appears overly offended that Yolanda would skip out on her close friend, but managed to make it to Kim Richard’s birthday luncheon earlier the same day. She adds that she saw a photo from the event showing Yolanda, Kim and Brandi Glanville that featured the hashtag “#RealFriends.” Yolanda insists it isn’t as big a deal as Lisa R. is making it, adding she only attended Kim’s party that day because she committed to it long before Erika sent out the invitations to her sit-down dinner. Neither Lisa R. nor Eileen, who joins the conversation, seem pleased with that response.

8. Did Yolanda Foster’s illness contribute to her divorce from David Foster? After the awkward encounter at Camille’s charity event, Yolanda decides to move forward with plans to invite the ladies of “RHOBH” to New York with her to attend the Global Lyme Alliance Gala. Only Erika, Kathryn, Kyle and Lisa R. are able to attend, however. During the trip, Yolanda opens up about the fact that being bedridden has taken a serious toll on her marriage to David. While she appears hopeful that things will get better, a private conversation with David and a friend at the event suggests he may be feeling otherwise.

9. Where do Kim and Kyle stand? Despite having left the show after Season 5, Kim was the topic of many discussions throughout Season 6. Kyle made no secret of the fact she was uncomfortable discussing her sister and her struggle with sobriety as she feared it would affect their relationship. Did her refusal to discuss it help?

“RHOBH” airs on Bravo Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EDT.