Kyle Richards is finally speaking out about filming her first season of Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" without her sister, Kim Richards, by her side. The 51-year-old former child star was axed from her fulltime spot on the show in April after relapsing on alcohol. While she will appear in several episodes throughout Season 6, Kyle, 46, makes it clear that her absence was noticeable. 

In an interview with People magazine Kyle said she was looking forward to shining on her own on "RHOBH," but that she missed her sister. She told the publication that it "just felt weird" to film without her." Kyle claimed that a majority of the weirdness stemmed from the fact that she and Kim were among the first people cast on the series in 2010. She noted, however, that Kim needed the time to get her life back on track and is "doing good."

"She was taking care of herself, so it made sense, but it just felt weird," Kyle said. "We started this together. We were the first ones on the show, so it felt very strange."

Kim's struggle with her sobriety caused a rift between herself and her sister. The pair only recently got their relationship back on track. In fact, during an interview on "Andy Cohen Live," Kyle said she and her sister would always be "a work in progress." She told host Andy Cohen that the two of them have "a very difficult relationship," but are finally in a good place. Kyle also told Cohen, 47, that her sister was finally "sober" again and was "happy."

Although she is no longer a fulltime cast member Kim will be returning to Season 6 of "RHOBH" to settle some pre-existing beefs. Previews for the season show her and former enemy Lisa Rinna sitting down for a discussion about their issues, which began in Season 5 when Lisa, 52, insinuated that Kim may not be sober. It remains unclear what the end result of the discussion will be, but one can only hope it goes better than their dinner in Amsterdam