Things got ugly between sisters Kim and Kyle Richards on this season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like their relationship has gotten any better since the cameras stopped rolling. Kyle recently wrote about the feud with her sister, which was reignited during the reunion special, on her Bravo TV blog. In the post, she revealed to readers that their relationship, which has always bordered on rocky, is in “the worst place” it’s ever been.

“I’m the first to say that my sister’s and my relationship has obviously had its ups and downs, but this has by far been the worst place our relationship has ever been in,” she wrote, blaming her co-star Brandi Glaville for some of their issues. “I have seen how Brandi has tried to turn her against me. If she sincerely cared about Kim, instead of using her as a prop, she would want her family to be close to her.”

Their fallout stems back to an issue earlier in the season. Kim found herself at odds with new cast member Lisa Rinna after the 51-year-old came to her concerned about her sobriety. Although Kim assured Rinna she was still sober, she became angry at her for prying and discussing her concerns with the other Beverly Hills housewives. The feud eventually erupted into one of the most epic fights in “RHOBH” history, with Rinna throwing wine and smashing a glass during a dinner in Amsterdam. When Kyle didn’t rush to Kim's side during the fight, the pre-existing rift between the two sisters grew.

“With Kim, I am constantly being accused of things I didn’t do and made to feel that all our problems are my fault. I’m tired of being blamed for everything and am at a point in my life where I just can’t do it anymore,” Kyle wrote.

She added that watching their feud play out on television, during both the show and the Season 5 reunion, has provided her a sense of “relief.” According to the 46-year-old, it has served as assurance that she is "not crazy.” Unfortunately for her, Kim sees things differently.

“But even after seeing it on camera, Kim will not admit that she was wrong and still wants to blame me. I know that whatever I do, she will find fault in. So why even bother trying anymore?” Kyle wrote.

According to TMZ, Kyle’s animosity toward Kim goes way beyond the infamous Amsterdam fight and the harsh words they exchanged on the Bravo reunion special. The site reports that the pair haven’t spoken since Kim’s dog attacked one of Kyle’s daughters, landing her in the hospital in November. Although the incident has not yet been brought up during the reunion, multiple reports suggest viewers will get to hear both women’s side of the story during the final episode of the three-part special.

Tune in Tuesday to the final installment of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" reunion at 8 p.m. EDT on Bravo for those details and more.