Former Real Housewives of D.C. cast member Michaele Salahi is missing, according to husband Tareq Salahi who claims she has been kidnapped or abducted.

Tareq Salahi says he last saw his wife on Tuesday around 11 a.m. and has received information about suspicious phone calls made by his wife on Tuesday.

According to reports from TMZ, Michaele Salahi made a phone call to her husband from an unknown Oregon area code, informing that she would be visiting her mother. Her mother, however, had not spoken to Michaele and had no plans with her daughter.

Tariq Salahi immediately called the Warren County Sheriff's Department, which said they received a phone call earlier from Michaele saying she was dealing with family issues, according to E! Online.

Given the suspicious phone calls and the fact that Michaele missed a hair appointment earlier that day, Tariq Salahi was led to believe his wife was either kidnapped or abducted, instructed to make the phone calls, he told E!

We are reaching to the public pleaing desperately for your help, Salahi said in a statement to TMZ. We are asking the public to please be on the lookout for her, and if found please approach her and contact the authorities to intervene and that she may be forced to say she is OK, when in fact she is not and being held under possible abduction.

Tariq Salahi's publicist, Gina Rodriguez, blasted out a series of tweets to inform the Internet that Michaele Salahi was missing.

RHOCD star is MISSING, Please RT, if u know any details please contact Virginia Police Dept or Michaele Salahi was last seen wearing a Baby Blue T-shirt dress with a silver glitter dolphin on the front and back thongs. #KIDNAPPED, read one of the tweets.

Michaele Salahi and husband Tariq, formerly a public official, first came into the limelight after crashing Barack Obama's first state dinner in 2009 before Michaele was cast on The Real Housewives of D.C.