Things got heated between two “Real Housewives of Melbourne” stars during what should have been a celebration. Pettifleur Berenger, who was new to the cast in Season 2, decided to gather the women for a 50th birthday bash. As is the case with most “Housewives” gatherings, things quickly went from “oh wow” to “oh no.”

Pettifleur and pal Chyka Keebaugh got together early in the episode to plan the over-the-top birthday party. Pettifleur decided on a winter wonderland theme, complete with dry ice, snow-covered Christmas trees and snow falling from the sky. She had a custom cake designed in the shape the Sydney Opera House -- but also a set of stairs -- to represent her “journey.”

The day of the party finally arrived and, although Pettifleur wasn’t initially happy with all the details at the start, everything looked amazing. Her co-stars showed up in a horse drawn carriage, admiring all the hard work both she and Chyka put into this magical night. Unfortunately that’s about the time that things got ugly.

As Pettifleur performed a special choreographed dance routine, Gamble Breaux seized the opportunity to, once again, talk to Gina Liano about rumors stating that her makeup artist worked with strippers. After overhearing, Jackie Gillies jumped in and attempted to pit Gamble against Gina. Unfortunately her efforts were futile. Gamble instead turned on her, saying she was concerned about her “psychic thing.” As you may recall from Season 1, Jackie insists she has psychic abilities which are frequently doubted by the rest of her cast mates.

The fight continued as Gina jumped in, commenting on Jackie’s “dilated pupils,” which was seemingly a dig at either her sanity or her sobriety. She then stormed off in a rage as Jackie chased behind her. Shortly after the blowout Jackie, Gamble and Janet Roach left the party, much to Pettifleur’s dismay.

According to People magazine the drama will continue next week with the reunion special. Janet told the magazine that fans should expect to “see a side of Jackie” we haven’t yet met. The 33-year-old further teased the drama, saying she “got emotional.” The ladies also promised final resolution to this stripper makeup artist conflict after the name of the person who started it finally comes to light.

Tune in to the “RHOM” reunion Thursday at 9 p.m. EDT on Bravo.