The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunited on Oct. 16 and the claws were out.

The ladies, who were all once thick as thieves with Teresa Giudice, now clearly see Giudice as the villain.

Giudice (@Teresa_Giudice) tweeted before the show, Night Tweet<3s! Please don't take anything tonight too seriously. Xanax should not be the new popcorn. LOVE you all! xx

Here are some of the highlights.

Jacquline Laurita Was a No-Show

Right at the start, a noticeable absence was Jacquline Laurita.

Laurita refused to come to the reunion show because, according to Carolina Manzo, Teresa Giudice had said something so offensive to Laurita the day prior that she could not sit down with her at the Bravo couches.

Melissa Gorga (@melissagorga) tweeted I felt bad jac wasn't there... She was really upset.

Laurita (@JacLaurita) tweeted to fans that she was sorry for not attending the show but was not well mentally or physically. She said that she could reveal more about her feud with Giudice after the fourth season. But insists the friend-turned-foe is insincere.


The conversation then turned to Giudice's new cookbook, Fabulicious!

In the book she talks about Melissa Gorga (who she says copies everything Teresa does and wears), Carolina Manzo (who she says is 1/16th Italian and condemns her son Chris' idea for a strip club/carwash), and cousin Kathy Wilkie (who she says needs to stop telling lame jokes).

Manzo was extremely hurt by Giudice's comments and asked for her photograph to be removed from the book.

Teresa versus Melissa

 Teresa, I have seen what you have done to these people. You took these people and you crucified them to this country, Manzo said, referring to Giudice's treatment of Gorga and her family.

The season began with a brawl between the Giudice and her brother Joe, her husband Joe, and Melissa Gorga at Gorga's son's christening.

I get disgusted every time I think of that. That's my sons christening, Gorga said.

More information leaked out - Gorga and her husband, Giudice's brother, were not invited to Giudice's premiere party. Gorga's sister got punched in the face by Giudice's mother-in-law at the christening fight.

Manzo said that Giudice said to her I don't wanna make up with my brother. He's an a**hole.

The family feud continues.

You look like the devil right now.

Gorga and Giudice fought throughout the episode.

Giudice said that Gorga was a gold digger and that she had admitted, while tipsy at a dinner in Hoboken, the she wanted her brother for his money.

Gorga obviously defended herself, but Giudice would not let up.

You look like the devil right now, Gorga told Giudice.

You look like the devil. You're wearing red, responded Giudice.


The Giudice Bankruptcy Saga

You got a Mercedes truck after filing for bankruptcy?

That perplexed host Andy Cohen.

Giudice said Who cares about materialistic stuff. The auction of the family's belongings did not happen, even though someone came and took photos of their items.

They withdrew themselves from bankruptcy, which Cohen said absolved them of going to jail for bankruptcy fraud.

Giudice said that she does not know what date they have to pay the money back by.

Part II airs next week and it looks like the conflict between Manzo and Giudice ignites. Whose side are you on?

Gotta love those Jersey girls.