If you thought Part 1 of Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Orange County" Season 10 reunion was intense, think again. The network aired the second, far more intense, installment of the three-part special Monday, during which host Andy Cohen finally puts Vicki Gunvalson in the hot seat. As should be expected, the conversation quickly gets heated as Briana Culberson, a longtime Brooks defector, joins the "RHOC" cast's discussion. 

Andy, 47, turns the spotlight from Shannon Beador's husband's highly publicized affair to Vicki, 53, and her controversial relationship. The Bravo TV personality asks Vicki about her decision to move Brooks into her home, especially given her daughter's outspoken distaste for him, at which time she reveals that she simply enjoys companionship. She says she moved Brooks in shortly after Briana, 28, and her family left home for Oklahoma, where her husband Ryan Culberson is stationed with the U.S. Marine Corps. Vicki then drops a major truth bomb, revealing that her relationship with Brooks has since dissolved and, the very week the Season 10 reunion was filmed, was her first living alone. When asked to elaborate, she provides a cliché list of reasons, including his desire to get back to his Southern roots by moving back home and several arguments they'd had. He then shares with Andy and the "RHOC" cast that it was actually Brooks who decided to end the relationship, breaking up with her during a trip to Miami after a heated argument. 

Any "RHOC" knows you can't discuss Brooks and Vicki without including Briana. So, of course, Andy includes her in the already intense conversation. Briana reveals to the cast -- some of whom were already aware -- that her hatred for Brooks is rooted in issues much deeper than rude comments he made during a previous season. She shares with viewers that Brooks would often make sexual advances at her, hitting on her while she was pregnant and offering to show her his genitals. As heated as Briana is when she first enters, things escalate further after Andy reveals tape from a conversation he had prior to the Season 10 reunion's taping with Brooks. During their sit-down Brooks tells Andy he feels Briana may be "the voice of reason" among the other "RHOC" ladies, but he feels she contributed to the demise of his and her mother's relationship. He claims that Vicki's family, with the exception of Briana, is quite fond of him and had accepted that they were dating. Brooks tells Andy he and Vicki's brother, Billy Steinmetz, are still in frequent contact, in fact. He went on to allege that Briana, who has a full-time job as an emergency room nurse, relies on her mother financially and is manipulative, which really sets her off. While looking on at the film she announces to viewers as well as those joining her on the couch that she is "done" and Brooks is trash all the while flashing the camera some rather spirited hand gestures.

The Brooks conversation will continue Monday at 9 p.m. EST. Previews for the show suggest this is when viewers will finally be presented with the evidence Shannon, 51, previously claimed to have against Brooks. Check out the video below: