Brooks Ayers’ cancer diagnosis became the topic of discussion once again on “The Real Housewives of Orange County" during Monday night's episode. The entrepreneur's illness was first called into question during Season 10, episode 11 after Tamra Judge, Heather Dubrow and Meghan King Edmonds paid a visit to a psychic who struggled to pick up on his ailment. Brooks, 47, was doubted once more in episode 14, this time by his girlfriend Vicki Gunvalson's daughter Briana Culberson.

As was reported on Entertainment Weekly, Vicki, 53, took a break from her hectic life in the O.C. to catch up with Briana, 28, her son-in-law Ryan Culberson, and her two grandchildren, who were, at the time, living in Oklahoma. During the visit Briana revealed to her mother that she had been missing home and was planning to return for a visit. The conversation then shifted to their accommodations at which time Briana revealed that neither she nor her children would be staying at Vicki’s home because of Brooks. Vicki attempted to sway her, assuring her that Brooks would be out of town. This tidbit of information seemed suspicious to Briana who was, at the time, working in two different emergency rooms as a nurse.

“Mom, please. I’m a nurse. If you have stage three cancer and are on chemo, you don’t travel. If you get sick, you die. All the oncologists I work with say you don’t travel. So he should still be at the house,” she said.

Later, in her confessional interview, Briana speculated that Vicki shared some doubts about Brooks’ cancer, whether she was willing to admit it or not. She told producers, and those viewing along at home, that the “RHOC” star likely thought her decision to stay in a hotel rather than in her lavish home could make Brooks “look bad.” She went on to say that Vicki “would rather me be the bad guy” than further fuel speculation and doubt among the already doubt-filled cast.

This is the second time Brooks’ cancer has been the subject of major controversy on the show. During Season 10, episode 11 Tamra, 48, brought Heather and Meghan to a lunch with her psychic medium to get readings for them as well as the other “RHOC” ladies. During the meal Tamra attempted to get the psychic to pick up on Vicki and Brooks, which he was able to do. Unfortunately, he was not able to get a read on Brooks’ potentially lethal ailment, which shocked the ladies. Tamra and Heather seemed to agree that it was best not to discuss what they’d been told earlier that day. Meghan, however, struggled to keep the secret in.

After a birthday celebration for Brooks at Tamra and husband Eddie Judge’s gym, Cut Fitness, the “RHOC” newcomer shared the shocking information with Shannon Beador, who is Vicki’s closest friend. Shannon, 51, couldn’t help but relay the message to Brooks and Vicki later that evening, which started a war between Meghan and Vicki.

It seems unlikely that this Brooks issue is just going to go away. Previews for Season 10, episode 15, which airs Monday, Sept. 14, suggest Vicki’s then-boyfriend will find himself in conflict with members of the cast during a party thrown by Shannon.

Tune in to “RHOC” Monday’s at 9 p.m. EDT on Bravo. Check out a preview for the episode below: