Things got heated as the ladies of Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Orange County" gathered for a Season 10 reunion. It was a difficult season for each of the ladies as friendships, marriages and business relationships were put to the test. Tamra Judge, however, appeared to be having one of her best seasons to date. When Season 9 came to a close it seemed Tamra, 48, was at an all-time low -- at least until she found God behind the scenes. 

The ladies came together in Los Angeles to discuss this season's events. Host Andy Cohen and the "RHOC" cast discussed some serious -- and not so serious -- moments from Season 10 before taking a viewer question regarding Tamra's granddaughter, who was born in episode 6, and newfound faith. The Cut Fitness co-founder shared the profound way Ava, her eldest son Ryan's daughter, has changed her life, saying she has shown her a new kind of love she never knew was possible. Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra's longtime best friend and the only other grandmother on the "RHOC" cast, agreed that she'd seen a change in Tamra's demeanor since Ava's birth, adding that having grandchildren was a lifechanging experience. This prompted Tamra to reveal some shocking information about other events that changed her in Season 9.

The longtime "RHOC" cast member shared with Andy, 47, and the ladies something she said she'd never shared before. She said that while filming the show last year she received a call from her eldest daughter, Sidney, asking that she come pick her up from her father, Simon Barney's, house. Tamra agreed, as it was her time to have her for the week anyway. Upon arriving home, Sidney, now 17, revealed to her mother that she no longer wanted to live with her. She claimed Tamra had ruined her father's life and she wanted nothing to do with her. Tamra allowed her to move, but attempted communication several times to no avail.

Finally, after returning to Hawaii, she received a text from Sidney thanking her for a sentimental gift she had purchased, at which time Tamra suggested that maybe they could try to work through their issues. Her daughter agreed, but she never heard from her again. She has been to court several times since her daughter moved out to attempt to get her help beyond simply seeing the court appointed therapist. Each time the judge has ruled in Simon's favor. Heather Dubrow ran to Tamra's aid, telling viewers Tamra had been a great mother and calling Simon's behavior "parent allientation." Tamra revealed that the issues run deeper than just her and her daughter. Her other son, Spencer, refuses to speak to his sister or father and now lives with Tamra and her husband Eddie Judge. 

While Tamra's shocking secret was perhaps the biggest bombshell of the night, several other moments were worth discussing. Here are the four most noteworthy moments from the "RHOC" reunion special Part One:

  • Vicki, 53, recalls the night she found out her mother had died. She responds to a viewer question asking whether or not she felt it was something the cameras should have been there for, sharing that she was in such shock she hardly noticed their presence. Vicki then shared a funny story about a time her mother was arrested on road-rage charges, reminding everyone of what a spitfire she was during her lifetime. 
  • Meghan King Edmonds and Shannon Beador disccus their past issues. Shannon, 51, shares with Andy and the rest of the "RHOC" crew where her hostility toward Meghan, 30, came from saying she picked fights during times when she and David Beador were at a low. She and Meghan both agree that the turning point in there realtionship came when Shannon agreed to help Meghan's husband Jim Edmond's ex-wife get into an elite cancer doctor. They now say they are getting along great and "love" eachother. 
  • Meghan also opens up about her struggles to parent Jim's, 45, daughter Hayley Edmonds. She says the show allowed both her and Hayley to examine their behavior more closely. It gave Hayley an opportunity to apologize to her mother for bratty behavior before she died, which Meghan says she is extremely thankful for. 
  • While discussing Tamra's faith Andy reveals that Alexis Bellino, who was dubbed "Jesus Jugs" during an earlier season of "RHOC," sent him an email the night before the show filmed and requested that he pass her message along to Tamra. She called Tamra finding faith "a mockery," claiming that it wasn't enough for her to get baptised and continue her "unkind behavior."

Part two of the "RHOC" reunion airs Monday, Oct. 26 at 9 p.m. EDT on Bravo. Previews for the episode suggest viewers will finally get to hear the cast discuss Brooks Ayers' suspiscious cancer diagnosis as well as other drama from Season 10.