The “Real Housewives of Orange County” are back for a brand-new season, but some old drama is still lingering among the women and it’s creating quite a rift.

The second episode of the popular Bravo series picks up precisely where the last left off — at Heather Dubrow’s lavish yacht party. Vicki Gunvalson is being interrogated by the hostess, who happens to be the only “RHOC” veteran cast member who will give her the time of day. Heather opens up to the insurance mogul about the rest of the women’s qualms about giving their friendship a second shot, urging her to come clean about her involvement in Brooks Ayers’ cancer scandal. However, Vicki stands by her claims that she knew very little about his web of lies. Emotionally drained, but still sobbing, Vicki leaves the party with her date, Jeana Keough, by her side.

After witnessing the freeze-out by her “RHOC” castmates, newcomer Kelly Dodd decides to extend the olive branch. While it’s not quite the casserole Vicki had requested during the Season 10 reunion, she’s more than happy to accept Kelly’s invitation to meet for lunch. The pair meet at a cute restaurant near Vicki’s office, during which Kelly orders wine and exactly what Vicki orders and the pair become fast friends. Vicki’s “whoop it up radar” alerts her that Kelly is good people and she decides to fill her in on her lingo, explaining the difference between “woo hoo” and “whoop it up.” Kelly attempts to discuss the current terms of Vicki’s relationship with co-stars like Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge, with whom she was once close, but Vicki doesn’t seem to have much to say on the matter. In fact, she comes off downright sad that her former boyfriend has cost her what she once believed were lifelong friends.

Days later, Kelly and the cast — sans Vicki and Heather, who is out of town with her husband, Terry Dubrow, and their four children — reunite at Meghan King Edmonds’ house for a demolition party. The group sips champagne and begin breaking down the walls in Meghan’s kitchen. Things are going swimmingly until Kelly picks up a power saw and gets a bit too close to her legs one too many times for Tamra, who said the experience had her ready to “puke.” The ladies decide to stick to what they’re good at — drinking and gossiping. Kelly decides to reveal to her new gal pals that she met with Vicki, which shocks everyone. Meghan braces herself for potential fallout, while Kelly reveals the details of their sit-down. Tamra and Shannon are taken aback by the situation, though Tamra is more willing to hear what Kelly has to say than Shannon, who has already been rubbed the wrong way by Kelly.

Kelly reveals, much to the group’s disappointment, that Vicki did not say much about them or their feud and then provides her own analysis of the situation. She explains that she decided to talk to Vicki because she felt it was unfair the way she was being treated, calling Shannon “standoffish.” Meghan and Tamra are equally shocked by Kelly’s brazen comment, which prompts Shannon to make some lofty claims about Kelly in her confessional. Still, the “RHOC” group majority remains at peace — for now.

“RHOC” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EDT on Bravo.