Vicki Gunvalson is speaking out about Brooks Ayers yet again. On Monday, she sat down with "Real Housewives" creator and Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live" host Andy Cohen to clear her name in Brooks' fake cancer scandal. After the special, the "Real Housewives of Orange County" star's former beau did an interview in which he claimed she had been in contact with him via text message after the special -- something she is now refuting.

Vicki, 53, reached out to E! News in an effort to shut down Brooks' story before it could gain any traction. She told the outlet that she most certainly did not reach out to her ex, adding that he was "lying." 

"It is not true at all," she said. "I did not reach out to him. He is lying."

She also took the opportunity to send a heartfelt apology to her co-stars, assuring them she "never meant" to involve them in this drama. Vicki said she wished they had supported her rather than turning on her when she needed them most, but said she "should have listened" to them. She concluded her message by saying she hoped they would never have to go through such pain and asked that they find it in their hearts to forgive her.

"I never meant to bring any of you into this and I do wish you all would not have turned your back on me but come and help me," she said in an email written Nov. 15. "Regarding my 'next move'... It's to carry on my life and to put this nightmare to end. To be the best mother and grandmother to my children, to continue to be the professional business owner that I am and to have you ladies understand the HELL that I have gone through having him in my life...I hope none of you will ever experience it and yes, Tamra [Judge] you were right. I should have listened to you. Beyond that I ask for your forgiveness and am sincerely sorry."

Vicki appeared on "WWHL" Monday for a brief special in which she was afforded the opportunity to share her side of the story regarding Brooks' diagnosis. She revealed to Cohen, 47, that she was never, at any point in their relationship, shown his medical records. Vicki added, however, that she tagged along several times as Brooks underwent lengthy treatments which he claimed were for cancer though, looking back, she was not so sure. She added that she saw him "violently ill" on numerous occasions, but said she recently learned that people are able to fake chemotherapy symptoms by drinking eye drops. While she could not say definitively that he had done that, she wasn't putting it past him.

Vicki's interview was a direct response to Brooks' admission that he had faked documents presented during Season 10 of "RHOC." In episode 17, after much urging from the other women on the show, he made the decision to show Tamra a piece of paper which he claimed was a result sheet from a PET/CT scan. Tamra, 48, had no knowledge of medical procedures, but found that document to be slightly suspect. The rest of the "RHOC" cast seemed to agree. It was not until months later when the facility at which he claimed to have been treated spoke out, stating that they had never treated anyone by that name, that Brooks admitted it was falsified.