Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Potomac" may be the new kids on the "Real Housewives" block, but they've quickly worked their way into the hearts of Bravo fans. The show, centered on a quaint affluent town in Southern Maryland, premiered Jan. 17 and follows the lives of Charrisse Jordan, Robyn Dixon, Karen Huger, Gizelle Bryant, Katie Prost and Ashley Darby. In an interview with International Business Times Robyn, Gizelle and Karen opened up about being thrust into the spotlight and what they hope fans will — and won't — take away from Season 1. 

According to Robyn, the network did not initially intend to add the five ladies to its "Real Housewives" roster. They were originally brought on as an ensemble cast for a reality show that had no name or direction during filming. She and her co-stars were shocked — but excited — when they learned that Potomac would be the next city spotlighted on Bravo. The news did bring a few qualms, though. Robyn, much of the worry surrounded the fact that her relationship with ex-husband Juan Dixon doesn't fit the traditional notion of divorce. The former couple still live under the same roof and share a bed. In fact, their two young children were unaware that their mother and father had even separated. 

"Going in [to filming a reality show], of course you have your reservations. You think about what will happen to your family and your image," she told IBT. "At the end of the day I was like, you only live once. You only have opportunities like this come around once, if they even come at all, so we might as well just run with it and have fun with it."

Gizelle, a single mother of three girls, worried about how her kids would adjust to life with cameras constantly in their faces. She feared they'd be uncomfortable welcoming the "RHOP" crew into their home, but says "they have been great." Karen — the grand dame of "RHOP" — echoed Gizelle's sentiments, saying she wasn't sure how either her husband Raymond Huger or daughter Raven Huger would fare on TV. 

In addition to being a great way to showcase their personal and professional accolades, Robyn, Gizelle and Karen agree that it's been exciting to introduce people around the world to their hometown. Karen told IBT she's been living in Potomac for more than two decades and knew from day one that it "was a jewel." She added that she was glad to give people a glimpse into their lives, and the lifestyle afforded to them as a result of their location, but neither Karen nor her co-stars wish to be a representation of Potomac as a whole. 

"I'm glad that we've had the opportunity to share a small light, reflecting six women's lives and at the same time shed that light on this jewel of a town," the socialite said. "It's been good to my family  and I am forever grateful and hope to represent myself."

What they do hope fans will see this season is their shared appreciation for good values and good times. Gizelle, who has spent a large portion of Season 1 "at the center of some mess," as she put it, said that as "RHOP" progresses fans will see a shift in the cast's dynamic. She said that after moving past her issues with Karen and Ashley, she and the rest of the gang were able to focus on their individual storylines a little more as well as letting their hair down. Gizelle promised that viewers will "see a lot with regards to me personally."

Karen, who has been a stickler about etiquette with regards to both Gizelle and Ashley, hopes her fun side will shine through in the latter portion of "RHOP's" pilot season. She said that there's a time and place for "being proper, but there's also a fun side to me." Robyn, on the other hand, is looking to inspire women with similar relationships with their exes to feel OK about where they are. She told IBT there is no shame in her game, adding that she hopes viewers will be "inspired in just being frank, honestly."

"Real Housewives of Potomac" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.