The world is full of people with great business ideas. But putting together and maintaining the necessary mix to make it all work in the marketplace is a completely different story. Most new enterprises ultimately fail simply because their creators don’t know how to run and grow a business. It’s the reason that investing in new businesses is considered risky. But it’s a label that nobody can pin on Ecologic Transportation.

Ecologic Transportation, a California company offering the world’s first and only 100% eco-friendly automotive rental and support services and products, will get where it’s going because its navigators know business and their industry as well as anyone in the world.

• William Plamondon III (CEO) has served over 30 years as CEO and Chief Restructuring Office for both public and private companies, including work as CEO of Advantage Car Rental, and ANC, the parent company of Alamo Rent A Car and National Car Rental. He has purchased over $500 million in acquisition value businesses, and sold companies with enterprise values of over $1 billion. Over the course of his career, he has been able to secure financing in excess of $3 billion. He is considered a visionary leader, who knows the secret of matching the right experience with the right perspective. An inspiring public speaker, he’s an expert at getting the best out of people, both within the company and in the business marketplace.
• Erin Davis (VP Marketing & Communications) has over 20 years of experience, including serving as VP of Communications for ANC. Her proven ability in communication, investor relations, mergers and acquisitions, and organizational development, has resulted in increased stakeholder value for both public and private global companies. Her unique skill set includes branding and co-branding to both the marketplace and internal audiences.
• Paul Christensen (VP Car Rental Operations) offers over 30 years of experience in the successful management of both corporate franchise and independent car rental operations, including work at the COO level. He spent 13 years with Hertz Corporation, and has spearheaded numerous acquisitions of rental car businesses as part of consolidation strategies.

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