Next Justin Bieber or not, the worst song ever or not, 13-year-old Rebecca Black and her YouTube single 'Friday' have got the whole world talking, at least on the internet. The teenager kicked up a storm with her track that raked up views in millions on the video sharing site and hit the iTunes Top 100 despite the downpour of criticism against the autotune voice and the simple and unedifying lyrics of the song. With the web continuing to buzz on Black, the singer now reigns headlines with overwhelming range of responses including unexpected appreciation from the overly critical ex-American Idol judge Simon Cowell.

Rebecca Black ousted the scandalous TV star Charlie Sheen on popular online and social media platforms like Twitter to grab her fifteen minutes of fame as her video on YouTube went viral in monumental proportions. 'Friday' premiered on Youtube on March 11. The video gathered 14 million views in a week. The song also stormed into the iTunes Top 100. On March 17, Black was at number 69 in the digital download chart.

Celebrating the success of what some media outlets even described as cringe-worthy Black wrote on Twitter: Yay! Friday is on Itunes top 100! Sweet dreams! xoxo.

On Twitter

The eight grader even attracted huge following on the microblogging site, the same venue many took to bash the singer. Rebecca Black continues to trend on Twitter.

If you're wondering why Rebecca Black is trending.. it's because of this crime against music, posted a user, darrylmorris‎.

Another user tweet, which exemplifies the hatred Black has garnered with her song, from IHaveaBoomstick‎ read: Just heard a snippet of a song by this Rebecca Black girl - still mopping up the blood from my eardrums.

An aspect of the song that is drawing the harshest comments is the lyrics.

In a response against the portion of the song that says, Gotta catch my bus, I see my friends (My friends), Kickin' in the front seat, Sittin' in the back seat, Gotta make my mind up, Which seat can I take?, one Twitter user, BieberTransport‎, posted: No wonder Rebecca Black didnt take the bus.. with all the seating options she would of had a freakin' panic attack.

'Beliebers' against Rebecca Black

Interestingly, the comparisons being drawn between Black and Justin Bieber, the Canadian teen pop sensation who also rose to fame via YouTube, have spark off angry reactions from 'Beliebers' while some admitted that Black made Bieber look good.

One user, SGtoot, posted on Youtube, Thanks to Rebecca Black, I tend to like Justin Bieber now.

Amarynthine also commented on the 'Friday' video page, Rebecca's fame made me respect Justin Bieber a bit more.

Video Responses: Covers, Parodies, Bob Dylan confusion

On the video sharing sire, Rebecca Black also inspired several video responses, similar to the recent phenomenon seen in connection with the controversial video rant of a UCLA student, Alexandra Wallace on 'Asians in Library'. While most of the responses were covers and parodies of the song 'Friday', one user has sparked off confusion over the song being an orginal Bob Dylan composition. The well-executed Dylanesque parody from Mike Bauer has elicited considerable buzz that 'Friday' was originally sung by the folk legend.

Black speaks back

Meanwhile, riding on the high wave of popularity, Black has not only begun speaking out against her critics but has invited Bieber for a duet. In her first interview to The Daily Beast, the teenager revealed that she was feeling like she was being 'cyber-bullied' by all her 'haters'.

Those hurtful comments really shocked me. At times, it feels like I'm being cyber-bullied.

In an interview for Good Morning America, Black turned more optimistic and hoped that all the attention even though negative could win her a duet with Bieber.

I have Bieber fever; I am in love with Justin Bieber, Black said. When asked if she had a message for him, Justin, if you're watching this right now, would you do a duet with me? That would be unreal. That would just make my life!

Album coming up

Taking to Twitter again, Black has now revealed that she is not only working on a new track but may also be bringing out an album.

We're currently writing another does not have to do with weekdays, or months, or numbers or colors. Throwin' that out there, she tweeted.

The album, apparantly slated for release in December 2012, has raised questions if the teenager will be able to sustain popularity long enough to turn it also into a hit.

Simon Cowell hails Rebecca Black

However, it is not all adverse for Black as she has managed to impress a few, including Simon Cowell, best known for his brutal honesty as a judge on American Idol.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly on the 13-year-old, Cowell said, I love it! I've never seen anything cause so much controversy.

I think it's genius. The fact that everyone's getting upset about it is hysterical.

It's what we call a hair-dryer song, a song girls sing into their hair dryers as they're getting ready to go out.

But the fact that it's making people so angry is brilliant, he remarked.

There seems to be some hope for the teenager on the Twitterverse as well.

One user, shalinifoxx‎, wrote, Seriously hooked to Friday by Rebecca Black. Haters gonna hate man. I freaking love her.

Another user, gingechilla‎, tweeted, Rebecca Black - Friday really isn't that bad. I can think of worse rap videos lol.