Rebecca Black was expecting a birthday present. Instead, she got a legal battle.

The 13-year-old sensation's Friday music video catapulted her to internet stardom after the YouTube clip garnered over a hundred million views and endured widespread ridicule for its simplistic lyrics (A sample: Today it is Friday, Friday. Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday.) But now it has been taken down, the victim of a legal dispute.

The video was produced by Ark Music Factory, which charges a few hundred dollars to cast aspiring pop stars in prepackaged music videos -- in Black's case, it was a birthday gift from her mother. Reuters reports that the removal of the video from YouTube is the latest phase in an ongoing conflict that began in May when Black's lawyers sent Ark a letter charging that they were unlawfully profiting off of the video.

Since then the video has migrated to what appears to be a Vevo-sponsored channel, although Mashable reports that a rep denied Black having been given a channel on the site.