An attempt to show off her spray tan on Instagram turned into a more serious discussion about the health of an Australian TV host and model. Rebecca Judd posted the image to her account on Friday, leading to a flood of comments from her followers that expressed concern about her too-thin figure.

Judd can be seen in the image wearing a bikini that displays her lean frame, but many of her followers thought she looked unhealthy and too thin in the picture. In the photo’s caption, she praised a new organic spray tan company she found, calling it a “much better option for pregnant and breastfeeding mums.”

Judd, who is married to Australian Rules Football player Chris Judd, gave birth to her second child in February. Her journey back to her pre-baby weight was followed closely by her fans on social media, sparking her first weight-related controversy in May when she posted a photo of herself looking super-thin in a bikini. Since the image was taken just three months after she gave birth to her daughter Billie Kate, many questioned if she had lost her baby weight too fast.

But on her blog Rebecca Judd Love, Judd explained that she followed a consistent workout routine during pregnancy to stay healthy and as fit as possible. Her exercises included Pilates, running and a Great Expectations class that was targeted for pregnant women. Judd said the one-hour Great Expectations classes included around “20 minutes of spinning, 20 minutes of circuit training and 20 minutes of strength, usually down on the mat with some Pilates moves/stretches thrown in for good measure.” 

“I LOVE these classes and feel they give me the perfect balance of cardio, strength and stretching. Oh and we smash the pelvic floor exercises too, which is highly beneficial during pregnancy,” Judd wrote in the post.

In a post she wrote after giving birth to her daughter, Judd offered her own tips on working off “mummy tummy” and what she did to get back to her pre-pregnancy weight. She detailed she suffered from abdominal separation during her pregnancy, which she explains happens when the abdomen's pair of muscle sheets separate toward the end of some women's pregnancy to provide more room for the baby as it continues to grow. Her post-baby workout included pelvic floor exercises and transverse abdominal exercises. She also encouraged her readers to consult a physiotherapist to learn which type of exercises will be safest for their individual weight loss goals.  

Though many questioned the TV host’s size. Several other fans came to her defense, noting that every woman gains a different amount of weight while pregnant and her body type and pre-baby weight may have played a factor in her quick weight loss.

Judd hasn’t commented on the controversy. But the Daily Telegraph reports that she did remove several of the negative comments people posted on the image.