In an April Fools' Day Joke that appears to have gone over the heads of some Twitter users, Glamour magazine reported that fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff would be joining the cast of next season’s “The Real Housewives of New York.”

In an interview with the magazine, Minkoff said she was excited to join the cast for the show’s sixth season and had already come up with a tagline as well as a title for her inevitable musical debut.

“It hasn’t been finalized yet,” Minkoff said of her tagline for the opening credits, “but I’m leaning toward ‘I’m a designer and I rule the New York fashion world.’”

Minkoff said that if she released a dance single in the vein of cast mate LuAnn de Lesseps, she would title it “Money can buy you bags.” She also hinted that she might be open to including some of her future costars in one of her fashion shows.

“Will you be casting Ramona in your spring '14 runway show?” Glamour asked.” I always like to do something a little unexpected at my runway shows so who knows!” Minkoff answered.

The fashion designer also addressed what she was most and least looking forward to about joining the reality TV ensemble. When asked what the highlight of joining the show would be, Minkoff responded, “Working with Andy [Cohen]. I’ve been a fan of him and his show, ‘Watch What Happens Live,’ forever.”

She confessed that what she’s most dreading is the reunion. “I enjoy watching them, but to be a part of one will be something else. They seem very intense,” she said.

Despite the new celebrity that the reality show might offer her, Minkoff said that her family would always be her No. 1 priority. “My family comes first. Everything else will fall into place,” she said.

Many Twitter users fell for Minkoff’s joke, tweeting how excited they were for her to join the cast.

“We can't wait to tune in!” Twitter user @shoppeterkate wrote.

“Might actually watch now!” @worthystyle tweeted.

 “I don't even know how to handle this news!!! @RebeccaMinkoff on Real Housewives?! Is this an April Fools' joke?!” @lakeshore_lady added.

Unfortunately for “Real Housewives” viewers and fans of the designer, the gig isn’t for real. Rebecca Minkoff’s public relations coordinator, Jordana Jaffe, confirmed that the news was, in fact, just a prank.

In the meantime, filming of the sixth season of the “Real Housewives” is still being held up by delays but is rumored to begin in April.

"I think they [Bravo] don't want to see another winter in New York," LuAnn de Lesseps said. According to De Lesseps producers are planning on "taking it back to the Hamptons in our sundresses,” and added, "I think that they want to bring a new woman on or two."