While many people are comforted by the fact that no major terrorist incidents have occurred in the last few years, a British study finds that a biological or nuclear attack is more realistic than some realize. The report that was released earlier this week compiles the findings of a six-year counter-terrorism effort by British officials that brings to light the likelihood of an attack involving weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

Since 2001, British law enforcement has managed to extinguish more than a dozen terrorist attacks. In response to the number of attacks in recent years, the British have built facilities for mass decontaminations and have also trained and equipped more than 7,000 police officers on how to deal with WMD incidents.

The 176-page report titled “Pursue, Protect, Prevent, Prepare: The United Kingdom’s Strategy for Countering International Terrorism” details the updated British strategy for combating terrorism. The study found that current terrorist organizations are willing to use chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive weapons (CBRNE) to forward their cause.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown included a letter as part of the report that stated: “This new form of terrorism is different in scale and nature from the terrorist threats we have had to deal with in recent decades. It is intent on inflicting mass casualties without warning, motivated by a violent extremist ideology, and exploits modern travel and communications to spread through a loose and dangerous global network.”

Jacqui Smith, the British Home Secretary, commented that the updated U.K. strategy named Contest is “one of the most comprehensive and wide-ranging approaches to tackling terrorism anywhere in the world.” Smith continued by saying that the British government released the report to “provide the people of the UK and our partners overseas with as full and as open an account as possible of why and how we are tackling this threat.”

Based upon this newly released British study, terrorism continues to be a real impending threat worldwide. The U.S. government can only do so much to protect our border and citizens. Sector 10, Inc. (SECT.OB) has the tools that will increase people’s ability to protect themselves during a WMD attack. Office buildings, high-rise housing complexes, manufacturing facilities, sports complexes, and educational institutions can easily be equipped with the Sector 10 stationary response units (SRU) that will allow people to help themselves during this type of attack.

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