The dollar again is at new record low level against the euro. The attacks against the dollar start during the European session today. It is close to see levels above 1.60 said George Marshal forex analyzer in The traders speculate against the poor situation of U.S. economy today. The attacks against the dollar started earlier today due too the concerns for the economic results for U.S. Housing Starts and Building Permits. The new housing starts rise by the prior month slowly but the fact is the end of the winter and much more project houses start to build. The key future indicator Building Permits set new poor result. The recession is fact for the world biggest economy. This time recession with inflation add Mr. Marshal. The dollar set the new record at 1.5968 and is very close to break above 1.60. The Oil prices continue to jump day after day as by this way the dollar continue to lose. We can see levels as far as 1.65/1.67 if ECB and Fed not take together actions against the losing dollar.