XsunX, Inc. announced that it was spotlighted in a two-page article in the “Innovation” section (Pages 18-19) of the August 28 edition of RECHARGE Magazine. The article detailed the company’s new cross-industry technology that combines state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies from the Hard Disc Drive (HDD) industry with proven thin-film solar processes, using the excess production capacity of the HD industry to manufacture high-efficiency, low-cost CIGS solar cells.

The piece reported on the company’s unique approach to commercialization of CIGS cells stating, “The notion of mass production of small CIGS cells runs against the grain of thin-film industry convention, which continues to push ahead with large-area manufacture substrates and roll-to-roll deposition methods. XsunX, by contrast, believes a small system footprint will result in a higher yield production.”

Tom Djokovich, chief executive officer of XsunX, Inc., commented, “The truth is that the pressure of the credit freeze last year gave birth to this unique idea that is poised to revolutionize the solar industry. We are confident that we’ll be able to bridge the gap between inexpensive thin-film and high-efficiency silicon wafer technologies to produce solar cells for multiple market segments and applications. This kind of coverage for XsunX demonstrates the immense potential that the sector sees in our technology.”