Understanding the minds of innovative people as well as working to develop new concepts, products and/or ideas is a difficult process in any environment. Mesh this with trying to develop a profitable Micro-Cap company and the investment process becomes quite a bit more “interesting.” There are, however, certain signs in a developing Micro-Cap to keep an eye out for. First among these is “variation and adaptability.” Being able to have access to sources of information that can spot these subtleties is the key, but understanding that a company is working in this mode is the real deal.

To demonstrate, consider Kraig Biocraft Laboratories (KBLB.OB). This small developmental bio company started with a polymer insertion process that allows for the generation of spider silk, a material with exceedingly strong physical properties. In this regard, however, the process was also found to hold other opportunities for additional properties to be added to the basic medium of the polymer. With the advent of stem cells and other basic materials being able to be added to the process, Kraig Biocraft recognized the possible variations and profit opportunities.

It is not rocket science, but understanding the process of development and the ability to see companies that work with this in mind is the key to solid Micro-Cap profit opportunity. In a general way, starting with a basic concept is the beginning, but working that concept forward is the real profit potential.