Lean back in your chair for a moment and think why we get so involved with the world’s activities regarding the market. You can probably count several reasons that we all share in one form or another. One reason for this writer is being provided with information that can move the earth like New Zealand just did. Jumping at something and profiting by the time everyone else catches on is the art of successful investing.

So in this crazy life of the market, in order for things to be manufactured, there has to be tools to make the items available for commerce. Everything we own is made by some type of tool. Some things are molds but tools were used to make the molds. It’s funny how the very foundation of building has become such a rewarding market. We can’t build anything without tools and the people to make those tools.

AGR Diamond Tools (LBUV) is about to jump into the North American market with one purpose in mind, to establish a legitimate claim in an opportunist’s market. This is a pristine opportunity because the tool market sector is teaming with activity right now. AGR Diamond Tools is one of the leading manufacturer’s throughout Europe and Asia for specializing in manufacturing delicate tools for the natural stone, engineered stone, concrete and masonry industries. Though well established in those areas, contractual obligations have kept LBUV brand out of the North American market, until now. Expiration of these contracts has enabled them to jump on board. With this happening, it could be time to place this on the radar and perform some due dilligence.