In the fall, “Red Band Society” fans were concerned that the Fox drama was being canceled when a return date wasn’t scheduled right away. According to Nolan Sotillo, who plays Jordi, a return date has finally been scheduled, but it probably won’t make fans feel good about the future. “Red Band Society” will return Jan. 31.

Saturday, while great for cable shows like “Outlander,” is not a valued time slot for broadcast networks. In fact, Fox doesn’t even have a Saturday night lineup with new programming. The network has not announced the official schedule for Jan. 31, but Saturday nights on Fox typically include reruns of primetime shows and “Animation Domination.”

As previously reported, the fate of “Red Band Society” has been questioned throughout its short season. With just over 3 million viewers tuning in for the winter finale, the ratings haven’t made anyone excited. Yet viewership isn't the only aspect that concerns fans. The series never received a full season order. Fox typically gives shows about 22 episodes, but the medical drama got only 13. Fox ordered four more scripts, but has decided not to produce those episodes. Executive producer Rina Mimoun said the show worked better in "shorter cycles," causing some to hope that the show would be renewed a second short season.

“I have always believed the show would work best in shorter cycles,” Mimoun told TV Guide. “Keeping the kids in the hospital for too long begins to stretch credibility. Creatively, this felt like the best decision.”

However, a Saturday winter premiere might kill fans’ hopes for “Red Band Society” Season 2. While Fox hasn’t made any announcement of a cancellation, a Saturday timeslot likely won’t attract any new viewers for the last three episodes of Season 1.

While the return date does cause concern, loyal viewers are still thrilled to see more episodes. The winter finale ended with Emma (Ciara Bravo) back at home after she lied to her doctors and convinced them that she was better. However, her eating disorder was still affecting her, and her father found her passed out on the bathroom floor. The winter premiere will reveal if she survived.

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