Redditor Posts Pictures Of Oscar Party Crashing And Other Celebrity Parties [PHOTOS]

Encountering a celebrity almost seems commonplace these days with social media users posting photos of their random encounters with a celebrity on the street. Reddit user Christopher Saunders took it one step further, posting photos on the popular site of him crashing the 2004 Oscars and the 50th birthday party of Nikki Sixx, Motley Crue's bassist and co-founder.

Saunders was able to sneak into the Oscars party because he worked for a company that built the venue's outside structure. Using his access pass, and a suit he brought with him, he walked in “pretending he belonged there.”

As for the Nikki Sixx birthday party, Saunders found the email address being used for RSVPs and responded with a +1, gaining access to that party.

Nikki Sixx Nikki Sixx  Christopher Saunders
In addition to pictures, Saunders shared stories of his encounter with individual celebrities. Essentially, his post turned into a bit of an “Ask Me Anything,” or AMA, a popular thread and discussion format on Reddit where redditors ask the originator of the thread questions, and the host of the thread responds as candidly as possible.

Some of his encounters included yelling a “Jay and Silent Bob” reference to Ben Affleck, with Ben responding with an endearing “Yes!” And Jennifer Lopez being thoroughly confused about the reference.

When asking to take a picture with actor Bill Murray, Saunders recalled the situation: “He held the camera and when I did a thumbs up he stopped and said no gang signs and just snapped a pic unprepared. So I look like a retard and it only has the side of his face in it. Then he said 'that's what you get.'”
Bill Murray Christopher Saunders caught off guard in a photo taken with Bill Murray  Christopher Saunders

When asked if he made a move on any celebrities, Saunders recalled a situation where he was hitting on actresses Kirsten Dunst: “I was hitting on Kirsten Dunst, but this was when she was dating Jake Gyllenhaal and he was getting pissy, so I started flirting with his sister Maggie who was completely hammered. He did not approve.”
Kirsten Dunst Kirsten Dunst  Christopher Saunders

As for celebrities he didn’t get a photo with, Saunders spoke of his encounter with actor Heath Ledger, but Ledger was allegedly drunk at the time, Saunders said, adding: “He very politely asked if we could skip the photo. I obliged. I now regret this decision.”
Maggie Gyllenhaal Maggie Gyllenhaal  Christopher Saunders

When asked for comment about the photos, Saunders replied: “Besides Heath, my main regret was not having an additional camera. This was around 2004, before good cell phone cameras, so I only had one disposable Kodak. So I had to pick and choose my shots accordingly.”

As for how he was able to keep his cover while at the parties, Saunders said, “You'd be surprised how accepting celebrities are when they think you belong. You can't be gun shy, you have to think f--k it, when am I going to get another chance to do this? And as soon as you realize that they are just regular people too, albeit rich and famous people, it really makes things easier.”
Eddie Izzard Eddie Izzard  Christopher Saunders

Saunders said more often than not he was able to get a photo with a celebrity by just striking up a conversation. But while most of the celebrities were friendly, not all of them were as welcoming.

“Probably the snootiest celeb I met was Jake Gyllenhaal. He just acted all high and mighty. But at that time he was still basically just Bubble Boy,” Saunders said.

But Gyllenhaal's snootiness wouldn't dissuade Saunders from crashing any celebrity blast.

“I would definitely crash another party," he said.

Check out some of the photos here.

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