Reflect Scientific, Inc., the Orem, Utah-based developer of optics, imaging and cryogenic cooling for industries from biotech to transportation, announced today the completion of an internal corporate reorganization.

The Company’s Cryometrix product lines were relocated to the Bozeman, MT location, saving roughly $1M, and the unprofitable All Temp Engineering was dismantled – changes which allowed capital and resource to be shifted to RSCF’s liquid nitrogen cooling technology, which shows greater profit potential.
With a $28B market in play for this patented, zero-emission cooling technology – used primarily in refrigerated transport vehicles, server rooms (where heat generation is a major issue), and low temperature freezers – major customers are lining up due to the innovative and green nature of this technology.

The addition of Universal Container as a distributor for the CB-40 trailer refrigeration system for trucking is taken by RSCF’s management as a sign that the market is eager to embrace this cost-saving technology, and has management anticipating growing future sales from this business segment of the Company.

The Company has also finalized an agreement to solve outstanding debenture concerns, with the release of a resolution to be announced soon.

CEO of RSCF Mr. Kim Boyce expressed his excitement over the completion of this internal reorganization, pointing to the combined value of recent acquisitions as a synergistic meshing of companies which far outweighed the individual attributes of each.

With two new promising merger/acquisitions on the front burner, which could potentially drive investor value to new heights – one a patented green technology with strong US market penetration and substantial global interest, and the other a proven logistics company with direct ties to RSCF’s existing infrastructure – the Company stands to create lucrative relationships in the immediate future to supplement recent changes.

Kim Boyce projected 2010 to be a “solid year of growth” for RSCF, citing increased overall efficiency as a driving force behind increased shareholder profit.