REGI U.S., Inc. and its parent company, Reg Technologies Inc. (REGRF.OB), are focused on developing an improved axial vane type rotary engine known as the Rand Cam™/RadMax® rotary technology. The RadMax® engine has only two moving parts, compared to the 40 moving parts in a simple four-cylinder piston engine, allowing up to 24 continuous power impulses per one rotation while remaining vibration-free and extremely quiet. The RadMax® engine also boasts the capability of operating on multiple fuel types including gasoline, natural gas, hydrogen, propane and diesel.

Reg Technologies, Inc. owns the worldwide rights to the RadMaxâ„¢ rotary technology and REGI U.S., Inc. owns the U.S. rights. The RadMaxâ„¢ engine has a variety of possible applications, ranging from tiny weed-trimmers to commercial and/or military jet engines. Multifuel capability, fewer moving parts, high and efficient rates of combustion, low weight, reduced vibration, and ease of maintenance are only a few of the advantages this technology offers.

In recent news, the companies announced that it has extended the evaluation agreement with a Fortune 1000 Company, as reported in an 8K filing dated May 14, 2008. Robert Grisar, Vice President of Engineering for the RadMax® / Rand Cam™ technology, stated, “The additional time spent, by both engineering teams, preparing and running computer simulations and analyzing models of the RadMax design, prior to fabrication of a prototype, will shorten the total development time, and will increase the probability of success of a working model prototype for the diesel engine.”