Its time for a royal wedding on “Reign” … but the only problem is that Queen Mary still hasn’t chose a groom. Since the start of “Reign’s” freshman season, Scotland’s queen has been torn between two brothers – Francis and Bash. But with her country at stake, Mary was finally forced to make a decision in episode 13, “The Consummation.”

The episode kicked off with Queen Catherine of France planning her execution party; and Lola and Francis on their way back to the castle … together. And if that wasn’t crazy enough, Mary’s mother, Marie de Guise, is visiting and Nostradamus tried to kill himself in order to regain his visions.

Marie de Guise is in France to force Mary’s hand in marrying Francis. But Mary’s stubborn and unwilling to let her mother force her hand. Instead she warns Bash of her mother’s intentions and sends him off to prepare for them to elope.

As for Nostradamus? The good news is that he was successful in regaining his visions. The bad news is that he messed up so bad that he feared that Queen Catherine might kill him herself.

What did Nostradamus see? He saw that Francis would be alive and well if he wed Mary. The prophecy was that Queen Catherine’s firstborn child would die because of Mary – and that did come true since Clarissa was Catherine’s firstborn. “I saw their life together and it is happy,” he revealed to the queen. “They have children. He is alive.”

Needless to say, Catherine is pretty upset about Nostradamus’ new vision. But there is still hope. With Francis back at the castle, Catherine sees a chance to fix everything – if Francis can stop Mary and Bash from eloping.

Marie tells Francis where he can find Bash, and he leaves to tell his brother the good news. And although Bash agreed to wed Mary and take the throne in order to save his brother, he’s not ready to let Mary go now. “You entitled son of a b****,” Bash yells at his brother, as the pair to get into a fistfight. Fortunately Mary manages to break it up – but things are about to get even uglier for the Queen of Scots.

“Your fate is your own when it comes to whom you will marry,” Francis explains to her. “Him or me?”

Before Mary can make a decision she seeks out Queen Catherine, believing her to be setting up another one of her schemes. But Catherine reveals that she has nothing to lose and that Nostradamus’ latest vision is the truth.

With that knowledge in mind, Mary’s faced with another jaw-dropper. News has come that England is now hers by bloodline. “Claim England now,” King Henry of France bellows at Mary. “You will wed one of my sons tonight.”

Confused and scared about choosing between Francis and Bash, Mary’s decision is made easier when Catherine arrives with news from the Vatican. “How can Bash blame you for returning to Francis?” Catherine explains as she hands over an envelope that could potentially reveal that the pope refused Bash’s legitimization.

“I argue that you love one more,” Catherine continued.

Opening the letter, Mary immediately sought out Bash to tell him that she couldn’t marry him. “I will be king,” he promised her. “We can force the pope’s hand … I will always put you first.”

But in the end Mary told him the truth. “I love you, I do,” she reveals. “I love Francis more.”

Walking away from her relationship with Bash, Mary ran into the arms of Francis. It turns out that the letter Catherine handed her was blank and that she allowed Mary to decide where her heart truly lay.

Mary agreed to marry Francis, but before the wedding Francis does one last thing – tells Bash to go into exile if he wants to survive.

“If you accepted my presence I’d be safe,” Bash tells his brother. But Francis tells him that he’s not so inclined.

"The Consummation” ended with Mary and Francis’ wedding. But unfortunately the wedding also revealed some nasty new drama. Marie de Guise hired someone to deliver false news that England’s bloodline went to Mary. When Mary discovered her mother’s doings she threatened her, telling her to not only get out of France, but get out of her life. Nostradamus had another vision after discovering that Clarissa was still alive. His second vision showed Francis dying a year into his marriage with Mary. And finally Bash was forced by King Henry to watch the consummation of Mary and Francis. As if that wasn’t bad enough, someone hired guards to kill Bash. But Bash was able to take the guards out and ride off into the night.

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