“Reign” fans can’t help but love the drama that plagues the French castle that's at the heart of the show. If you add all the love triangles, crazy King Henry, the ever-plotting Queen Catherine and Nostradamus’ visions together, there's always something crazy going on. In episode 20, one of the main storylines focuses on Lola … and her mysterious new husband, Lord Julien.

Viewers may remember that Lola got knocked up by Francis after one passionate night. To avoid being shamed by her family -- and to hide the pregnancy from Francis -- Mary and the rest of the girls set Lola up with Greer’s ex-fiancé, Lord Julien.

It was a dreamy match, there was a flaw in the relationship: Lord Julien had two previous wives who died during childbirth, and as a result, the widower had vowed never to have another child again. With no escaping her growing belly, Lola decided to come clean to him about her situation. And in a shocking move, Lord Julien agreed to marry her and raise the baby as his own.

But as “Reign” fans learned, Lord Julien was too good to be true. Lola began suspecting that her husband was hiding a secret, especially when he began focusing on obtaining her dowry. And her suspicions grew when she discovered that a necklace he gave her was made with a fake gem.

Theories began to circulate around Lord Julien, and viewers immediately began to fear the worst. One theory was that Lord Julien was a bluebeard, a serial killer who murdered his previous wives. However the truth (or at least part of it) was finally revealed in episode 20, “Higher Ground.”

In this episode, Lola discovers that Lord Julien was finally able to get his hands on her dowry, and she reveals her fears to Kenna and Greer. The pregnant woman is scared that Lord Julien needs the money because she thinks he's broke. Greer tries to shrug off Lola’s worries, telling her friend that his money situation doesn’t matter if she truly has feelings for him. However, Kenna isn't as optimistic, and she fears that Lord Julien will break Lola’s heart. After sending Bash to do some digging, Kenna exposes what they found out about Lord Julien: He's planning a hunting trip … but with no dogs or hunting gear.

Lola tries to confront Lord Julien about her fears without actually accusing him of anything, but he fails to listen. She pleads that she doesn’t need elaborate accommodations from him and that she cares for him despite their arrangement. But he still walks out of her chambers, telling her that she’s all he ever dreamed of.

However, Lord Julien ultimately has a change of heart. As he's about to leave in his carriage, he decides to turn around and tell Lola the truth: he’s penniless!

“I was going to leave you,” Lord Julien confesses, explaining that his family are bad people and that he had a falling out with them. With no money of his own, he was planning to live off of her dowry.

“As I came to love you, I knew I couldn’t keep such a secret from you any longer,” he continued. “All I have to offer you is me.”

Lola tells her husband that she wants to and could live a simpler life, and that she wants to forgive him and be with him. However, she doesn’t know how she can trust him ever again.

“With time,” Lord Julien promises her. “I will prove myself to you.”

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