“Reign” sure likes its love triangles. But the latest tangle on the hit CW series doesn’t involve Queen Mary – instead the three entangled lovebirds are Greer, Leith and Lord Castleroy.

“It will change everything when Leith comes back" to the French court, showrunner Laurie McCarthy told E! Online. “He’s a different person. He has different opportunities and different ambitions, we’ll come to find out as well.”

“Reign” viewers will remember that Leith was just a lowly kitchen servant when Greer fell in love with hm. And because of his status, the two had no future.

In an attempt to marry a well-off nobleman, Greer had her family arrange a marriage with Lord Julien. But as viewers know, that relationship didn’t work out. The handsome Lord Julien broke off their engagement when he walked in on Greer kissing Leith. But Greer didn’t just suffer from a broken engagement – she also suffered a broken heart when Leith’s punishment for being caught with a noblewoman was to leave the castle and join France’s army.

While he disappeared for a few weeks, Leith returned in episode 20 as a soldier in Francis’ small army. Leith ended up saving the future king’s life in battle, but sustaining a gory injury during their next attack. With no motivation to carry on, Francis promised his new friend a title and land to impress the woman he loves – and that was just what Leith needed to get back on his feet.

Unfortunately, Greer’s not exactly single. Mary’s lady-in-waiting agreed to an engagement with the pepper-obsessed Lord Castleroy in an effort to save her reputation in the kingdom. And while she may not have been attracted to him from the beginning, Lord Castleroy has proved himself to be a noble and kindhearted suitor. In episode 19 he told Greer’s broke father that she is priceless, and refused to take a dowry. Instead he offered her father money for him to use as dowries for his other daughters.

Greer has really opened her heart up to Lord Castleroy since then, but will Leith’s return change that? Who do you think Greer will end up with? Take our poll below!

Episode 21 of “Reign” will air on the CW on Thursday at 9 p.m. EDT. Catch episode 22, the Season 1 finale, on May 15 at 9 p.m. EDT.