“Reign” completely hooked up this year. The freshman CW drama mixed the perfect soup of love triangles, crazy kings and dead bodies to leave us wanting more. And they’ll continue to do just that when the Season 1 finale airs on May 15.

According to a leaked synopsis, episode 22 will find Mary and Francis taking charge. But unfortunately it’s not under better terms. King Henry’s “madness and cruelty” will reach a breaking point, leading the young couple to finally take control of the country … or risk losing France. While it’s obvious that the pair want only the best for France and Scotland, their actions could “change the course of history.”

King Henry isn’t their only problem. “An unforeseen terror brewing in the woods could cost them, and their friends, everything,” teases the synopsis.

Is the “unforeseen terror” referring to “The Darkness” that is still lurking in the shadows? Between the pagan sacrifices, and an MIA Clarissa, the threat in the woods could be anyone … or anything.

Meanwhile, Mary will be forced to make a drastic decision … and this time not about her country. The queen of Scotland will discover that Lola “is going through a life-threatening labor at a location outside of the castle.” But can Mary get to her friend safely? And will she be able to keep the secret that Lola’s baby belongs to Francis?

Lives and countries will be at stake when the Season 1 finale of “Reign” airs on The CW on May 15 at 9 p.m. EDT. What do you think will happen in episode 22, “Slaughter of Innocence”? Let us know your thoughts and theories on the coming finale in the comments section or send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.