Don’t get too attached to your favorite characters on “Reign.” The hit CW series will be returning on Thursday, Oct. 2, for its second season … but it doesn’t look like everyone will make it out alive.

The network released a brand new trailer for Season 2, giving fans a look at the drama to come for everyone at the French castle. Season 1 introduced love triangles, power struggles and grisly deaths, but the sophomore season will top that when the plague hits France.

“The Black Death has returned to plague our lands,” Mary tells a crowd of people who have gathered inside the castle. The new queen makes the announcement with confidence and strength, something that Catherine is not displaying while standing behind her. With Nostradamus at her side, Catherine looks worried and nervous … almost like she didn’t want Mary breaking the news about the deadly disease.

But whether or not Mary told her subjects, word of the Black Death would have surely gotten out. The new promo video is only 15 seconds long, but already shows three people dead from the disease. And based on the teaser trailer, it looks as if Bash might have been the unfortunate one to find the bodies.

As guards race towards King Henry’s bastard son, he warns them to keep their distance. “Stay back, I’m surely infected too,” he pleads.

“Reign” fans can bet that if Bash wants to stay away from castle guards, he surely won’t go anywhere near his wife, Kenna. Could Bash become the first main casualty from the spread of the Black Death? Or will Bash’s contact with the disease be what spreads it to the other royals in the castle?

Bash’s potential contamination isn’t the only shocking twist that “Reign” viewers can look forward to in Season 2. The video also shows a darker side to Mary.

“Someone has to do what must be done,” Catherine tells her. But Mary doesn’t take kindly to her mother-in-law’s words of advice.

“I am the Queen of France and you are my subject,” she bellows at Catherine, putting her in her place.

“Reign” Season 2 will premiere on The CW on Thursday, Oct. 2, at 9 p.m. EDT. Watch the video below and tweet your thoughts to @AmandaTVScoop.