The “Reign” Season 2 premiere is quickly approaching, and (SPOILER ALERT) so is the plague!

The cast is currently enjoying their free time before filming beings, but the writers are hard at work – and fortunately for us, Twitter-happy. Photos teasing the sophomore premiere were posted online to give royal viewers a little taste of the drama in store for Mary, Francis, Bash and the others.

“First big document of the season!” the writers of “Reign” tweeted at the beginning of June. “Get excited #Royals! #ReignSeason2.”

The photo attached to their tweet was of a document that simply stated: “REIGN – SEASON 2 ARC – 6/3/14.”

The mysterious “arc” wasn’t revealed, but executive producer Brad Silberling did drop some major spoilers a few days later. Silberling posted a photo that not only revealed the Season 2 premiere title – “The Plague” – but teased how the season opener will pick up. “Reign” fans can reportedly look forward to the plague taking lives … while Mary seemingly waits at the castle for news of Francis. The photo that Silberling posted cuts off the document, but it can be speculated that Mary will be sending someone outside the castle gates to search for Francis at the house where Lola gave birth.

A second photo about episode 1 of Season 2 also seems to hint that Catherine, Greer, Leith and “Pepper” will be making appearances as well. No character named “Pepper” was in Season 1, but since Greer’s fiancé, Lord Castleroy, has an obsession with peppers, the person may be linked to him. (Like possibly a nickname for his daughter, Yvette?)

“Reign” fans will remember that Season 1 concluded with King Henry of France dying thanks to injuries he unknowingly sustained from his son, Francis. But Henry’s death didn’t mean a happily ever after on the throne for Francis and Mary. When Mary learned about Lola’s dangerous labor, she decided to come clean to Francis about his bastard child. Mary initially told Francis to go to Lola during her time of need, but after learning of an outbreak of the plague she demanded that he stay at the castle. Francis refused, and the final moments of the Season 1 finale showed Mary locking the castle gates while her husband rode off to be with Lola.

Season 2 of “Reign” will return to the CW this fall. What do you want to see happen next season? Tweet your thoughts to @AmandaTVScoop.