The CW’s new drama, “reign,” premiered on Thursday, Oct. 17 at 9 p.m. and proved to be a series not to miss. If you missed the hot new show we’re breaking down the top five moments from the pilot episode.

1. The Assassination Attempt At the age of nine, Mary, Queen of Scots, was sent to live in a convent as she awaited her marriage to Prince Francis. The opening sequence of the “Reign” pilot began with an assassination attempt against the young Queen – and it was pretty bloody.

Since a baby Mary has had someone test her food before she dug in, and this time the food tester wasn’t so lucky. After taking a bite of the food the woman locked eyes with Mary as her mouth began to foam and blood poured from her mouth and ears.

2. A Grave Warning

Now living within the walls of France’s palace, Mary is patiently awaiting her marriage to Prince Francis. But just because she’s in the castle doesn’t means she’s safe.

A mysterious person broke into Mary’s room to give her a grave warning before the wedding of Prince Francis’ sister – don’t drink the wine.

Who is Mary’s secret savior? How did they know that something was wrong with the wine? And why do they want to protect her?

3. The Bedding Ceremony

People were talking about the bedding ceremony scene before “Reign” even aired. The tradition used to be that a newly married couple had to have sex in front of the elders to make sure the marriage was consummated.

Mary and her ladies-in-waiting decided to spy on the bedding ceremony in the pilot episode. One of the girls, Kenna, got so hot and bothered that she left to find some relief in an empty corridor. However it wasn’t as empty as she initially thought.

As her hand is up her dress, a man’s hand grabs her. Kenna turns to kiss the man and is shocked to find that it is none other than the King of France. Initially apologizing, the King simply asks, “May I?” and the two continue hooking up.

4. A Broken Arrangement And Another Option?

Mary has been engaged to Prince Francis since they were children in an attempt to form a union between Scotland and France. While Mary wants what is best for her country, Francis seems to feel like an alliance with Scotland will hurt France in the future. Despite his father pushing the union, he tells his future bride that he has no intention of marrying her and that the engagement is just to keep the peace between the two countries.

Mary’s distraught by the news, but is there still hope for her to have a happily ever after? The King’s bastard son (and Francis’ half brother) Sebastian seems to have a fond eye for the Queen of Scots. But his mother, the King’s mistress, warns him not to put his neck out for a girl that will never be his.

5. The First Beheading

No one is safe in “Reign.” The new CW show decided to behead a character in its pilot episode and pretty much showed everything.

The poor victim was Colin, the boyfriend of one of Mary’s ladies-in-waiting that desperately wanted to stay with her in the castle. Visiting the Queen of France to ask for a job working for the royal family, the Queen agreed that she’d hate to keep love apart … but told him he could only stay if he performed a couple of tasks for her.

The Queen was told by Nostradamus that he had a vision that Mary would cost Francis his life. Desperate to not let anything happen to her son, the Queen hatched a plan to have Colin poison Mary’s wine with an herb that would make her unconscious. Once she was asleep the Queen told Colin that he must rape her so that way she was no longer suitable to be Queen.

Fortunately Mary received the warning about the wine and was able to scream for help before Colin attacked her. The Queen had Colin beheaded before he could implicate her or Nostradamus in the attack on Mary.

What did you think of the CW’s new show, “Reign”? Will you be tuning in next week? Let us know in the comments section.