Oak floors are sturdy, reliable and beautiful. They give so much and ask so little. We have tracked mud over them and our pets have wreaked unspeakable havoc upon them; yet, our floors have remained good friends. Like every good friend, it’s time we give them the attention that they deserve.
With a little care and maintenance you can enjoy gorgeous floors as if they had been done by a professional. The process is much easier now, compared to years passed, because of advancement in tools and finishes. We can restore their once vibrant appearance by refinishing like the pros.

To begin the job of floor refinishing, keep in mind that the two most crucial aspects are proper floor sanding and selecting an appropriate finish.

Although there are many professional grade finishes out, there aren’t many available to homeowners that are water-based. This is because even water-based finishes contain materials that are considered hazardous, often giving off strong fumes. Because of this, distributors will only sell them to floor contractors.

The best option for homeowners is a polyurethane-water hybrid. Homeowners are offered a non-catalyzed finish. Like water-based coatings, it is low odor, fast-drying and durable.

Another important advantage is the ability to re-coat as soon as it dries. This means that within a few hours you will be applying another coat. By re-coating within 24 hours of the initial application you won’t have to sand the existing finish. This allows a finish to create a chemical known as hot coating, as opposed to the mechanical bond that sanding process.

Finally, a note on whether pre-finished flooring can be renewed to a former luster as a result of age. Some manufacturers recommend against their products being refinished; nevertheless, ZAR ultra Max, which is also water-based polyurethane, is an excellent option for just such a job.

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