The Department of Labor reported that there were nearly 6.4 available workers for each available job at the end of November 2009. These figures have grown from the 4.8 available in May 2009. That means each job opening could have a minimum of six applicants interested in the position.

According to businesses nationwide, the number of applicants per job is topping out at ten times the estimated number. The outlook for 2010 is optimistic. Businesses are planning to eradicate their hiring freezes, and individuals are ready to work.

To be truly successful as the economy continues to improve, businesses need to think strategically about employee placement. Before companies can begin hiring, they need to consider their options for reorganization amongst their existing employees. Identifying high-potential employees and managers before hiring new employees can change the work culture, increase morale and maximize productivity.

Reorganization should be the first priority. The economy created turbulence in businesses worldwide. Employees were moved, positions were merged, and everyone had to learn how to accomplish more with less. Businesses should also consider who, of their existing employees, has high-potential to move into a leadership position. Businesses with high expectations should not leave their hiring or reorganizing practices to chance. Assessments are an exceptional tool for finding and placing new or existing employees.

Choosing to relocate or promote employees does not have to be a stressful process. With the help of assessments, leaders can appropriately select the best candidate for each promotion or relocation. The results from assessments provide leaders with facts and features about each employee that the typical interview process may not reveal. Employees with high-potential for success could be overlooked due to a lack of due diligence, or because of an inaccurate perception.

Assessments will reveal the details managers need to consider when making important decisions regarding the placement of their people.
After a potential reorganization, businesses looking to hire need a way to effectively identify the high-potential employees from the long list of applicants. Assessments are also helpful for identifying high-potential employees during the hiring process. The quantity of available talent can be overwhelming for companies.

Assessments will reveal which candidate has the highest potential for the job based on their skills, behaviors and personality. The sheer volume of applicants demands that businesses refine their hiring processes, and assessments are a tool that adds concrete information to a once objective decision.

When businesses put people in the appropriate role or job, they can ensure a positive outcome for the individual as well as the company. Assessments cause turnover rates to decrease because employees are placed into positions based on their core makeup. That means that companies are relieved of spending excessive amounts of money to frequently hire and train new employees for the same position.

Identifying high-potential managers is beneficial for the entire team. Having the best suited leader in place will positively impact the work culture. A manager will high-potential to achieve can build morale, encourage effectiveness and easily identify the needs of employees. Imagine the productivity that comes from an accurately placed team being led by a high-potential leader. Teams that are built on people's natural tendencies and capabilities are teams that thrive.

Business leaders are aware that certain tools are required to create a successful organization. Companies need to understand that the foundation for success lies in the capabilities of the employees. By assessing employees before hiring or reorganizing, businesses eliminate the risk of creating a foundation of unhappy and unproductive people. Assessments compliment the interviewing process and easily identify those with a high-potential for greatness.
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