It’s one thing for a start-up company to send out a press release encouraging investors to purchase stock and another for an independent research company to release findings saying the same exact thing. Reovest Growth Research recently took a closer look at Sector 10, Inc. (SECT.OB) and published its findings in a 10-page report detailing its findings. Reovest concluded that “Sector 10 could be a barn burner of an investment opportunity in the coming twelve months” and gave the company a speculative buy rating.

Over the last eight years, Sector 10 has been testing and refining its stationary response units (SRU’s) and medical response units (MRU’s). Both products can be customized to fit potential needs during an emergency based upon location and the estimated traffic patterns around the units.

Sector 10 has also developed an interactive virtual communications interface software platform system, named the Pericles LogiX 3D System or PLX-3D, which may revolutionize how agencies respond during an emergency. After researching the 9/11 attack, a New York Times article found that during “the crisis, the two largest emergency departments, Police and Fire, barely spoke to coordinate strategy or to share intelligence about building conditions.” The PLX-3D would allow agencies to communicate effectively on one system to deploy responders effectively where survivors are located.

The company’s products have been evaluated by a number of agencies in the last few years. Sector 10 products have received endorsements by The Department of Defense, FAA, OSA, EPA, and The Department of Homeland Security. A number of fire departments have also taken a closer look at the products. According to Jack McCloskey, Retired Captain of the San Francisco Fire Department, “I endorse Sector 10’s PLX-3D system as it introduces true innovation for high-rise life safety in our cities.”

Sector 10 realizes that emergencies happen all over the world. While the company continues to educate responders in large U.S. cities like New York, Chicago, Denver, and Cleveland on its product line, Sector 10 is also in talks with groups in Canada, Europe, and Israel. The company’s management team estimates there is a $190 billion market for its products and services. Reovest believes that the Sector 10 has the potential to be a $400 million performer within the next four years and that the management team has a well thoughtout game plan to achieve this goal.

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