Starlets beware; a hacking ring may be on the loose and any female celebrity with a nude photo on their computer or phone is in danger of having it leaked.

The hacking ring and/or hacker has already victimized High School Musical actress Vanessa Hudgens. Naked photos of the 22-year old actress leaked on the internet and caused a minor sensation within the media. It is the second time this has happened to Hudgens, who sued another web site in 2009 for publishing nude photos. The lawsuit said the photos were published without her consent.

Various reports say the work was been done by a hacking ring, which got access to Hudgens' gmail account and then sold the photos to a blogger. The hacking ring, reportedly, has access to other celebrity nude photos including Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson, Christina Alguilera and Selena Gomez. All in all, the hacking ring reportedly has access to photos from 50 different celebrities.

A report from website TMZ says Hudgens met with law enforcement officials over the photos. According to the report, the FBI has launched an investigation. The blogger who posted the original photos of Hudgens told Radar Online he was agreeable to working with the FBI regarding how he got access to the photos.

The FBI did not respond to an inquiry for comment.