GreySpark Partners had published a new report that explored the changes in the market structure in trades for foreign exchange. The London-based capital markets consultancy firm released "Trades in FX Trading 2013" which tackled the trends in e-commerce, macroeconomic forces as well as currently enforced market regulations.

The paper details the challenges currently being faced by the investment bank denominated market in foreign exchange. There are current trends that give purchasers more options as well as greater control more than ever in trading in foreign exchange transactions.

The growth of the so-called dealer to client multi dealer platforms since 2010 had provided the purchasing customer greater leeway where their foreign currency transactions can be done. The increasing number of these platforms, categorized as swap execution facilities in the United States have given growth as well as provide greater liquidity in the market. Because of these qualities, it is but natural that bank to bank dealer to dealer platforms lose clients and investors to these newer and more efficient trading platforms.

One such trading platform is also now available for non-US retail clients through IBTRADE here.