Harry Hugo

Are Modern Perceptions of Liverpool Football Club Tarnishing the Legacy?

on February 13 2013 6:08 AM


As the roar of the crowd dulls, the tedious moan of the fans rises to an incessant drone that somewhat echoes the past. Things have changed at Anfield in the last thirty years so drastically that it has become chilling. These things are by no means for the better.

Celebratory confetti, fireworks, league titles and European cups were almost a norm in the ages that spanned the pre-Premier League years, but now that has faintly diminishing into a chasm of uncertainty as Liverpool spiral into a wilderness of ambiguity. Fans were getting used to winning and the mentality that came with it. Liverpool were a force to be reckoned with, both overseas and within their own sovereignty. They repelled criticism and soared to the heights of everything they endeavored. Managers would be exude supremacy and project stardom.

Post-Deadline Day Blues

on February 01 2013 5:42 AM




As the dust settles from the anti-climatic last day of January, we all feel it: deflation. Not just because we have had to put up with Jim White for 3 hours the night before, but because we have sunk into a deep sense of realization and reflection.

Let’s be honest here, has anyone ever watched Sky Sports News for upwards of 10 hours in one day other than on the 31st of January and August? If you say yes then you’re either a liar or someone that needs to taken outside. It’s not something you do but we feel a compulsion to do it twice a year. Not only this, we will watch a live stream of transfer news on a national newspaper website and finally we will keep an eye on Twitter. Absolutely bonkers. However, there is no subtracting from the enjoyment of the whole occasion.

Ever since it’s transfer (see what I did there?) to an 11pm closure, the deadline day has been slightly less electrifying in the concluding stages. When it was a midnight finish, you felt a childish naughtiness staying glued to the screen that had been on for what seemed an eternity: not so much anymore.

Joe Allen: A £15m Scapegoat?

on January 15 2013 6:07 AM
Joe Allen: A £15m Scapegoat?

Joe Allen is one of the finest examples in recent years of young British talent. He combines composure, vision and well-rooted experience and all this at the tender age of just 22. Why have some Liverpool fans turned against him so soon?

On the evening of the 10th of August, no Liverpool fan was despondent at the signing of Joe Allen from Swansea City. He, maybe, was seen as ever so slightly overpriced for someone who had only one Premier League season under his belt but people had belief that the new manager, Brendan Rodgers, knew what he was doing after working with the player so closely. In some ways Allen was a hallmark signing. He set the foundations of the philosophy in which Brendan was looking to employ. He was the proof of the revolution. No longer would Steven Gerrard’s frequent sixty-yard cross-field passes be tolerated under Rodgers but instead the slow build up play, in a dominating midfield, would be the order of the day.

Luis Suarez And The Haunting Handball

on January 08 2013 7:10 AM
Luis Suarez And The Haunting Handball

I hate to say it but the second goal Liverpool scored against Mansfield in this weekend’s FA Cup 3rd round tie should not have stood. Suarez handled the ball, giving himself an unfair advantage, in the seconds before he put the ball in the back of the net. We all know that. However, this does not warrant the tirade of abuse that the Uruguayan has been subject to.

Branded a ‘cheat’, a ‘racist’ and ‘disrespectful’, Suarez is never far from controversy. In fact, if he hasn’t caused a stir in a few weeks you are almost expecting something to happen in the next game. Pop your head round the corner and controversy is there staring Suarez full in the face. Does this stop him? If anything it spurs him on.

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Lionel Messi: Another Year, Another Record

on January 03 2013 1:16 PM
Lionel Messi: Another Year, Another Record

“It is clear that Messi is on a level above all others. Those who do not see that are blind” Xavi Hernandez on Messi

As someone who has only ever been conscious of football from 1998 (born 1994) upwards it is hard for me to pick a hero from before my time, however it does leave me with a plethora of talent to choose from in the 21st century. In my lifetime players like Romario, Zidane and Ronaldo have all come and gone. They all left with a gasp and a respect as they sailed to the heights of the game; leaving behind them a legacy of which other players can pick up and run with. The game has changed since I have been watching it. From direct counter attacking play to the slow build up possession style that is en vogue in today's world; I have seen it all in my short existence.